Time, all Sewn Up (creating space)

It's funny ya know, this creative life....and my approach to it....always learning, refining, changing...
so, I have been craving, desiring to sew for awhile now....and have felt unable to create the time and space....hmmmm
I have had an abundance of wonderful opportunities for commissions with my artwork...both glass and mixed media pieces...and I come from the prairies so I was taught to
 "make hay while the sun shines"
so believe it or not...playtime, really true playtime with absolutely no strings attached is not as plentiful as you might think.
I feel I am always learning, relearning and refining how to make the space for creative play amidst the fullness of an active ongoing professional studio life.
This bout of sewing was finally!! brought on by the real need for a curtain in a small part of my studio where I recently created a sacred temple space, just for me, no strings attached, within my larger sacred studio space.
pix next time....just bits and pieces though, cause it is my private space.
how are things for you in your creative space?