Tender Brave Spirit @ Norgate Gallery

ok, so the show went wonderfully......Tender Brave Spirit....mixed media paintings by Tammy Hudgeon showing @ Sheila Norgate's Gallery
with an artist talk as well (i'll share more on that later)......here are some pix of the display and paintings....some of the paintings left from this show may have a new place to go to be seen....more on that later maybe....!!!
big gratitude to Sheila Norgate for showing my work.....
My name on the wall
mixed media paintings by Tammy Hudgeon

3 Eggs mixed media painting by Tammy Hudgeon
Tammy Hudgeon Mixed Media

wild buffalo skull painting

wild horses mixed media painting

Sacred buffalo painting,
Jeff Molloy's fave....

tammy hudgeon artist statement

mixed media paintings

brave buffalo mixed media painting

old timey farm table with my paintings

antique turquoise cannisters

100 year old buffalo skull

old wooden cheese box