Real Live Water Buffalo (ya gotta love em)

  the 1st image was taken on a splendid beach in india.....these guys came down the beach, walking a looooong way, and then they gave the water buffalo a real nice sea salty bath, oooh was cool to see this humble animal on the beach where northern hemisphere types were lounging on beach chairs.....she had probably put in a hard day making a living in the hot hot hot south indian sun!!!!!..

and another image of buffalo strolling down the looks like they are heading to the river....they seriously LOVE to lounge in the water..... as you can see in this pic.....this buff looks positively BLISSED out.......they were so lovely and graceful in the water.......and then finally!!!!! tah dah!!!!!! "Hoi An" water buffalo created in, you can see some of  my inspiration along the way.....she was created a few years ago, and many other animals, some from real sources, and some from imagined places have come to life in glass since that time....and .more to come, for sure .......and another entry without a coloured background....that's a little frustrating for me cause i have gotten used to putting colour wherever i want it....maybe i have been taking all my colour control for granted..... hmmmmm