A Sneak Peak at New Offerings!

New Glass art and paintings for 
The tour starts in 3 days! July 26 & 27

follow the link for the tour map, print it out and come have a visit with the many creative and talented artists just waiting for YOU to arrive!

and we will see you soonsies!

 here in my studio, k? 

Wee gems, tiny creative offerings of all sizes
Whales, Seals, West Coast Summer glass art

Glass Flower bouquets 18" tall

Fresh Paint! New White Studio Walls....

So, I finally did it....something I've been thinking about for 3 years.....I painted the walls in my studio white! I know for some people this would be a no brainer, but I love my colours.....

and yes, painting it all white was kind of shocking...it took me some time to feel comfortable with the changes.....

the colours of the walls in the past were orange, aquamarine, deep yellow.....

so yes, much more intense in the past....I loved the richness of the colours....I loved working in and being with those colours...very warm and welcoming.

however! it was time for a major change....cleaning out every corner and crevice....giving away loads of old glass scraps to new fusers and mosaic artists....whew....that felt good.

and finally, to lighten and brighten the whole place up with fresh paint....I warmed up the white a bit, into a creamy white....I wouldn't have been able to have a cool white as a working space.....brrrrr!

I wanted to give my art, especially my paintings every chance to really be seen, since they are a newer medium for me.  My glass often dominates the scene, and rightly so as this is still my main creative pursuit. It will be extra easy to show glass in space now too...which I have known all along.

the bold sexy colour is now found only in the art...not painted onto the actual walls.

I LOVE my studio, I have huge gratitude for this space.

Fresh white paint, messy cupboards!

White wall, it was once yellow

by the door....

glass and paintings, with white wall

by my glass working area

small glass grinder, white wall

a few of my fave artists, up high over my cutting table

another corner

the far wall

Flowers and Glass Jars

A small new painting....the 1st painting I have done for about a month....I have been working on glass commissions, I am grateful for these lovely opportunities...

I just shipped out large boxes of carefully wrapped glass and steel sculptures bound for California and Toronto.....

and sooooo, as a balance to that I played with a bit of paint.....this panel had been started about 6 weeks ago....this piece is fully covered with collage underneath the paint.,....you can see the texture and layering, and some words and images....

it pleases me greatly!! more to come...for the Thanksgiving Studio Tour in a couple of weeks.....stay tuned....

flowers in jars....mixed media painting

"Tapestry" the creation

"Tapestry" fused glass room divider

This room divider screen is the 4th one in this size that I have created over the last 8 years....I love creating in this scale, lots of room to play with colour and design....it took some time, and a few panels had to be remade....it is all fused glass with Douglas fir wood frame, a coastal B.C. wood, and hand forged steel hardware......on display at Gabriola Artworks.....I must say I am very pleased with the finished piece!!! very very pleased.....
Tapestry in process

one panel of unfused glass, ready for firing

Putting it all together

Detail shot of fused glass panel

Glass Reflections

looking down from top

more reflections

detail shot with Cricket Cat

another finished panel

the middle

blues and greens, and amber glass

another fused glass panel

"Tapestry" the finished fused glass room divider screen

Pink Paint and Erotica Art

sooooo, the Annual Erotica Show has opened and is showing

 @ Gabriola Artworks.....it is some racy, saucy show.....my pieces are quite tame in comparison to many....imagine thick pure beeswax candles in the phallic shape, extra large!....
it was very different for me to create something with an erotic theme for public consumption.....this year i finally managed to do it!! 
does this mean i am growing as an artist?? ha ha!  have you ever created Erotic Art?

mixed media with glass hearts
"Sacred Sex" mixed media with paper hearts

detail of "Cakewalk"
mixed media pink paint!! "Cakewalk"

A Small Gift for my Blog Readers

The 1st Gratitude Glass Dish giveaway!!!!

Little Songbird Glass Platter, by Tammy Hudgeon

OK, so here we go......I'm not totally sure how to go about this.....if you have any advice please feel free to offer it up....

I am offering this small bird platter as a GIVEAWAY (retail $95.00)......what I would need to have from you in order to put your name in for a draw is to have you sign up as a follower of my blog and make a comment on this blog post!......there is an icon on the side panel where you can become a follower.....(there are not so many official followers at this time, however I know there are many more peeps reading this blog that do not comment or join, and I do thank you for having a look now and then!)

I just did a giveaway on facebook and it was spread far and wide because that was the requirement.....people had to share my post to get entered in the draw.....there was a lot of sharing!!.....and it got the word out about some of the creative happenings here on this little far flung island!

I am not sure how to do this on my blog....so I am asking for you readers to make a comment, share with a friend and even become a follower.....

I will make the draw on Dec.22 or 23rd so don't delay....!

Gabriola Island Studio Tour 2012 Pix

hey all! i have posted several pix of my studio during the Gabriola Island Thanksgiving Studio Tour 2012.....there are many more pix and images of other studios if you follow the link....i also posted a short video, amateur for sure....of my studio on the Sunday morning....it is 2 minutes, it gives you a little peak into how Tammy Hudgeon Studio looked just last weekend.....super big thanks to the staff and many many volunteers that make the Gabriola Arts Council so awesome!!!

let me know what you think? enjoy.........

glass garden stake chicken

glass crow garden stake

glass heron garden stand

Tammy Hudgeon Studio

Glass wavy window ornaments

glass garden stands

Groovy Glass dishes

Glass and mixed media display

inside the door tammy hudgeon studio

glass salmon

on the deck Tammy Hudgeon

glass fish and glass room divider

glass garden stands

glass chicken

glass voodoo head garden stand

groovy glass peace circles

Annabelle the glass chicken

steel and glass bird

reflections of glass buffalo bowl

glass stars and reflections

Tina Jones and her glass groovy circles

painting and wall gems Tammy Hudgeon Studio

by the glass cutting table

glass and paintings Tammy Hudgeon Studio

bees in glass bowl


glass dishes and platters

Only 1 Day till Studio Tour 2012

only 1 day till the beginning of the Gabriola Island Thanksgiving Studio Tour   Oct. 6,7,8
this is always a BIG weekend on Gabriola for many people, but most especially for artists and art lovers....here are a few tiny glimpses into my studio at this time....many more pix to come so stay tuned in the next few days!
Fused Glass and Mixed Media paintings, Tammy Hudgeon Studio

the greeting area with Tammy Hudgeon Studio biz cards etc

Fused Glass Salmon Fish, Tammy Hudgeon Studio

Gabriola Thanksgiving Studio Tour

hi all! this is a quick little blog post to let you know about the 16th Annual Gabriola Island Studio Tour on Oct.6,7 8....it is held every year on the Thanksgiving weekend.....hundreds of art lovers converge on beautiful Gabriola Island and visit up to 60 artist studios....and Tammy Hudgeon Studio is one of those studios.....here are just a few pix of my studio so far.....there is so much more, and i will post more pix later.....come on over, i'd love to see you!! the weather is predicted to be sunny and warm!! yay!
Fused Glass Peace Hangings

outside of Tammy Hudgeon Studio

more fused glass groovy circles, with polka dots

Bear and Salmon

Ursula, the Bear.....40" long x 30" tall
so, the opening night for my big annual solo show at Gabriola Artworks has happened!!! it was fabulous....the champagne flowed, the music played and the art was admired!!! and bought...yay!!!

Steel and Glass Salmon Fish.....from 18" long to 32" long.....

unfortunately i cannot seem to upload actual "in situ" pix at this time....but i will when i figure out why this is not working.....oohhhh.....this tech stuff really drives me crazy sometimes..... in the meantime here are a couple of studio shots of the bigger sculptural pieces from the show.....

stay tuned for more pix to come....

Art and The Naked Leaf Tea Company

i drink tea all day long in my studio....actually i should say, late into the night too....cause my studio time is the very best in the evening hours.....i work during the day, absolutely, but from 6 pm onward is when things really happen creatively....or at least that is my fave time in the studio....less distractions, quieter time....

recently i have had the great good fortune to have a few of my art images used on tea cannister labels! i am super excited about this....most especially because 2 of the 3 images chosen are my mixed media paintings!! yay!!!!!!

the tea company is called "The Naked Leaf"......the shop is in a funky area of Calgary....i will be making an order of tea for me!! check it out.....

my friend Amy Dryer, from Calgary.....who is an amazing painter also has her images used on the labels.....

back to studio and tea....

do any of you love tea?

On the Road.....

just back from a great road trip to the west koots.........this is the Kootenay Mountain region of B.C......funky independent spirits abound in that valley.....
old rusty license plates...
i found a groovy, totally old timey junk shop in a little hick town along the way.....i must say, i love hick towns....i'm not sure i would want to live there, but i could make it work if i had to.....
ya know, the towns without tim horton's or walmart or any other corporate chain type thing.....and far out, offbeat  characters.... this is where i picked up these old license plates....i love the texture and patina of this old rusted metal.....
soul shine table top
the soul shine buffalo painting is actually a table top for my traveling van.....and then a small buffalo painting @ the end....loving the turquoise and greens, the yellows and rust colours in all these pieces....
8" x 8" buffalo painting