The Wild Spirit.....a short film about me!

Hey all! I am very excited to share this new short short film created by Jules Molloy and myself.....I'd like to invite you along for a little ride with me....and a peek behind the scenes of  my creative world....
Wanna come?? just click PLAY

p.s. this film is also available to be seen here on Vimeo

The District Gallery and Me

i am excited to announce that these paintings have made the journey down to The District Gallery
in Park City Utah......Karen is the owner there and she likes my work and thinks other people down there will too..... i'm hoping she's right!.....YAY!!


Wild Inside mixed media painting
Blue Buffalo mixed media

Wild Pony mixed media painting

Pure Spirit mixed media painting

Always Wild mixed media painting

They Roam mixed media painting

Tender Brave Spirit @ Norgate Gallery

ok, so the show went wonderfully......Tender Brave Spirit....mixed media paintings by Tammy Hudgeon showing @ Sheila Norgate's Gallery
with an artist talk as well (i'll share more on that later) are some pix of the display and paintings....some of the paintings left from this show may have a new place to go to be seen....more on that later maybe....!!!
big gratitude to Sheila Norgate for showing my work.....
My name on the wall
mixed media paintings by Tammy Hudgeon

3 Eggs mixed media painting by Tammy Hudgeon
Tammy Hudgeon Mixed Media

wild buffalo skull painting

wild horses mixed media painting

Sacred buffalo painting,
Jeff Molloy's fave....

tammy hudgeon artist statement

mixed media paintings

brave buffalo mixed media painting

old timey farm table with my paintings

antique turquoise cannisters

100 year old buffalo skull

old wooden cheese box

Groovy Glass Show and Sassy Chickens

Here are some pix of my glass from the Vancouver Island Glass Show, which just happened in Nanaimo on April 23rd....

 so, the 1st 2 pix are from the show...and it was a good show, very well attended...many talented glass artists, and quite a diverse array of glass art!! i think the show has mucho potential to grow and evolve into something quite cool.....the last pic is an image of a brand new bowl!! with long legged sassy chickens....i saw sooooo many chickens in bali, and i loved seeing them running all over.....truly Free Run chicks, which is kind of how i want to operate in the world, especially in my creative practice.....and that is the only kind of eggs i wanna eat!!!....even saw a chicken running through an art museum....really, ya gotta love that.....also, soon to come, well they are already created, just have to post them so you can see them range chicken mixed media pieces!!!! i am really likin' the whole chicken thing, i have had chickens in my glass before ....aaaaaand  i will have some dogs coming into the scene too!!! bow wow!

Pretty Hanging Skulls (mostly)

ok, well i'm i said, with more skulls.....and just a little note for all you NON skull lovers, i have many other things on the go in my studio as bees!!!! ya know the buzzing bumbling humble little bee's that support our life on this planet??? and of course flowers....cause bees need 'em, and they are beautiful design imagery.......for now though, back to the skulls.....the 1st image is a pic i took TODAY, just outside my studio door.....with the new skull hangy things....they are definitely "el dia del muerte" mexican type skulls....i like the daisy eyes and i really like the idea of celebrating with your fave people who have moved on to other, i find these skulls quite happy and feel good, and as they slowly spin around the movement is quite entrancing..
the 2nd image is a shot from my journal/sketchbook.....this i did while traveling in borneo, malaysia.....and in that country the skulls are a whole different thing...although still involved in a belief system.....the tribal people were (many many many years ago) traditionally headhunters....yah, i said headhunters!!!! and the trophies from inter-tribal warfare were oftentimes skulls of the enemy.....and, they believed that the skulls had magical powers, the fresher they were the more powerful the magic!!!!! wild hey??

 .. ok, so, i am not an anthropologist, this is the just a little info i picked up from museums and books as we traveled through the country, .....most longhouses would no longer have skulls hanging from the ceiling...and it is most assuredly NOT still a custom.....the people are super friendly....not threatening at all, ha ha.....they also believed that beads had/have magical powers as well, more on that another time.....oh yah, i took the pic of the "real" skull in a musuem in borneo.....that's why it's blurry, you were NOT supposed to take pix in there!!! ssshhhhh   
check back again , lots more to cremation ceremonies in bali!! another celebration of death, to help the spirits move on to the new realm.......quite spectacular......embellishments galore!!!