New Glass, Summer Ending

I am prolonging the summer feeling a bit by showing a few more pix of the new glass I created this summer....I tended towards lighter colours and clear glass in some of the felt light and fresh to me, what do you think?....
I'm not sure what the feelings of fall will bring into my creativity....warmth and coziness maybe....
Stay tuned....I am heading back into my beloved studio for new creating time!
"Cordelia, Daughter of the Sea" glass whale sculpture

"Have Your Cake" fused glass bowl

Fused glass Square, with clear edge

Beloved buffalo glass dish

Soaring Eagle glass dish

Summer Chickens...flying out of the studio!

So, it is the very FULL, very active time of summer days.....I am currently preparing for a few shows this summer...and I consciously did not choose many of the opportunities that came my way  (I am very grateful for the opportunities)....

in an effort to also have a life outside of my studio this summer.....and soooo....I am learning!!....about pacing and breathing and taking breaks....The power of TIME OFF.....!

I have many many new things coming up.....I'll be keeping you posted of where and when the shows are, in August.....and you will see some sneak peaks of new upcoming artwork!
see ya soon...................

Lola, Glass and Steel Chicken Sculpture

Layla,  Glass and Steel Chicken Sculpture
LuLu, Glass and Steel Chicken Sculpture