The Colours of Island Summer (for me)

Summer....and the colours of the (sometimes) turquoise sea, the gorgeous green of kelp with the golden sun shining through....I love the colours of a sweet  Gabriola Island  summer....

Crab bowl fused glass
this year I am creating a new habit of taking a bit of beach time every day during the super hot weather..

mix and match paintings and glass

 we are zooming out by motorbike to a new and different beach on each outing....our fair isle has many many beaches...most of them with few or no people....amazing and lovely....and the water is warm, or at least much warmer than it often is.....very swimmable!

Summer stripes and paintings

After a beach break I am always inspired and energized to create in my studio...evening is a beautiful time to work in my studio space.

fused glass striped dish


12" sq fused glass platter