Painting and Repainting, or The Transformation.

"Love Yourself" Chicken is a mixed media piece that is a Re other words, if you look at the 2nd image you will see what the original painting looked like...I painted the fish several years's been kickin' around my studio, never really been shown.....

and so, the other day I decided to change it up a was quick and easy....and I like the result! I often like the 2nd or 3rd or 4th painting that comes through on a panel....I like how the under layers add so much texture....and I am building on what came's all still there...

I learned about doing this by my mentor and friend Sheila Norgate
she does an amazing presentation called "The Blank Canvas" in which she shows you her process in a slide is fascinating...and I have been doing the same for many years now too.

What do you think?

mixed media on panel "Love Yourself says the Chicken" redo
1st painting, "Fish"
 mixed media on panel

Gabriola Artworks Show 2013

This has been an amazing and FULL summer ! Wowza!! 

 I am excited to show you a few pix of my last show...this was the show I shared with the amazing artists Grant Leier and Sheila Norgate....
I am thrilled and honoured to be sharing the stage with these two artists as they have both been mentors and inspirations for me from early on in my art journey.
Kathy Ramsey, owner of Gabriola Artworks really outdid herself in setting up this show, the gallery looks splendid! ( show runs until September 5)
I will share pix of Sheila and Grant's work in a later post....this one is mainly showing you some of my very newest art creations! 
I am very grateful for the wonderful art supporters in this world. Thank YOU!

"Cordelia" daughter of the Sea, my fused glass whale!!...with new friends

The amazing band, my friends Tina Jones, Dinah D and Ode Howard, with Sheila Norgate painting behind.

another admirer of "Cordelia"

"Tapestry" the room divider screen

A wonderful supportive friend!

another wonderful supportive friend! she matches my art!

me and my guy....we co-created the glass screen! he did all the beautiful woodwork!

even more supportive friends, in support of Frida K too....we are standing behind the Frida K shrine I created!
Tapestry, fused glass room divider screen

Ancient Wisdom, fused glass Buffalo Skull

various glass pieces and lovely reflections

Frida Kahlo in mixed media, various sizes

Wisdom Bones, and Love Always Wins, mixed media on panel

"Cordelia" fused glass whale

Buffalo and whales, mixed media on panel

Artistic Inspiration and Marti Somers

as many of you know, I have some artists who inspire me endlessly, people like 
Sheila Norgate, Caroline James, Grant Leier, Nixie Barton.....and fortunately for me, I actually know some of these people, and they are my friends and peers.......sweetness.....
and now I have discovered someone new and exciting to know how it is...following a path online and I can't really say how I ended up finding Marti Somers......I can say that I LOVE her work and felt very inspired to see what she is creating.....
in the book "Steal Like An Artist" Austin Kleon says we are all doing mash-ups and remixes and when you are inspired by many people and then it works it's way through you then something authentic will emerge.....that is my intention when I am creating....because I am influenced by so much that I see and hear......
this mixed media piece kind of reminds me of some of the glass pieces I created last year...the quilted series....I have always been attracted to patchworked art, whether it be textile, glass, collage, paint...whatever......I love crazy quilts.....
Who's inspiring you right now?
mixed media collage "Frida Buffalo"

detail mixed media collage

Sheila Norgate and Me!

ok, you know...i am having a show of my mixed media paintings at Sheila Norgate's new gallery....The Keep Calm and Carry on Gallery

and i am working on creating a few more pieces for this this is a little bit of my can scroll through the images and see the progression of the painting.....i really love this process....minute by minute.....impulse by is a very alive way of creating....!!!
this final piece will be in the show...exactly one week from today...Friday, Sept.21st opening and runs through Saturday Sept.22nd.....that's it....short and sweet....
applying mixed media with old recipe book pages and doilies

add china marker and some paint

add the painted horse

paint the horse a little bluer....make more marks, smudge some areas

outline the horse with black paint

change the horse completely to an image of wild horses, add more paint, more mark making

p.s. this idea of sharing the process is inspired by Sheila as well.....she has been an amazing mentor for me, and many others i am sure....i am super G R A T E F U L.....

Listen to your heart....and paint

i am super excited to be preparing for my next show...coming up on Sept.21st and 22nd @ Sheila Norgate's Gallery space.....

old family memorabilia

some of my inspiration for this show has come from old family images of life on the prairies....and some has come from before settlers is not lost on me that the Buffalo that i love so much were pretty much exterminated by the arrival of the colonists.....even though my family history in Canada does not go that far back....still.....we settled and farmed what was once wild land.....there are a lot of stories there for sure....some factual and some felt in the spirit....

mixed media buffalo painting
i do have to get quiet to hear what wants to be said with paint though....some of it definitely involves the spirit of all things wild and brave......i will also be giving a talk about the process of paint and what it means to me......

Mess Making, Mark Making.....Playing...

i love playing with paint.....generally making a mess and smearing paint around.....and i am really loving yellow and pink....and just kinda messy, smudged looking paint and pleases me immensely.....

some of the artists that i love, who all know how to play, and all happen to be women, and i am happy to say that they are all friends of mine!!!.....check them will likely see some similarities between us all and do also notice all the ways that we differ.....we all have our own voice shining through....all from a female perspective....

Sheila Norgate

Nixie Barton

Caroline James

Carole Reid

as well.....coming up in September, opening on the 21st, i will be having my 1st ever solo show of paintings only....NO GLASS ALLOWED!!! ha will be at Norgate Gallery on Gabriola Island......sheila and i will also be doing a talk on September 22nd as part of the show...lots more to come on that

first up though is a glass and mixed media show at Gabriola Artworks on 10th Annual Solo Show!!! woohoo!!! think bears and all manner of wildness.....