MoMA and The Met, New York City and a Hurricane

obviously I would never plan a trip to NYC during a hurricane......however I did find myself there very recently during Hurricane Sandy!!! before, during and after.....!!! holy heck.....

all these pix were taken before the hurricane hit, when most people were still believing that it would not be as bad as, what I saw was New Yorkers doing their usual business right up until the subways shut down and the city started to get quieter and then of course much wilder, louder and stormier.....

it was my 1st visit and I LOVED NYC....even with the hurricane....before the hurricane we had 2 days where we could get out and about and we did a LOT of things...including the Chelsea Highline, Greenwich Village, Brooklyn Bridge, and best of all.....The Museum of Modern Art........

very grateful to have made it through and home without big troubles....unlike so many others.....more to come in future posts....

on the Brooklyn Bridge NYC

Times Square, NYC

Jazz Club Art 
Matisse at MoMA

Matisse at MoMA 
Chagell at MoMa

Kandinsky at MoMA

Picasso at MoMA

Frida Kahlo at MoMA

Rauschenberg at MoMA

Warhol at MoMA