"4 Spirits" (a Painting Co-Mission)

And now for something a little different....a mixed media painting commission.
This is only the 2nd time I have done a commission for a painting....and both times they have involved horses!  both clients wanted my style, my interpretation of their horse, and their own experience....
This one, called "4 Spirits" also involved a dog, a boy and a loon....in the wilderness.....so, right up my alley so to speak...animals, spirit and WILDerness! and I was given free rein....which is the only way that I could have done it...
I LOVED creating this artwork....I was excited to have been asked to create a painting that was based on a very personal experience on the part of the client.
with much  G R A T I T U D E

Mixed media commission 24"x48"

detail of mixed media

detail shot
2nd half of diptych 24"x12"
main part of diptych, 24"x36"