"Magical Spirit Tribe" Art Show

Magical Spirit Tribe Art Show, Hive Emporium, Gabriola Island.

Solo Show

July 7, 7-9 pm Opening night party Show runs July 7 - 24

New works in fused glass and mixed media paintings. Large sculptural steel, glass and wood. Paintings and glass art of all sizes and shapes. Animals galore!

I am super excited to share with you my newest creations! Opening night will be a fun party with music and laughter. Hope to see YOU there.




Gabriola Thanksgiving Studio Tour 2015 Part 1(a pictorial)

Thank you thank you thank you to all of the peeps who choose to visit my studio during the Amazing Thanksgiving Studio Tour!

YOU make it happen! So many lovely happy people in my studio that weekend.  Here are some pix. More to come later, and some stories too.

Thank you to the wonderful, hardworking and generous Gabriola Arts Council for organizing and running this fabulous event. You can support this group yourself if you are a fan of art and culture!


Outside the Studio



Pinwheel and Crows



Pinwheel Grande and Bouquet, both sold.



Crows, steel and glass. SOLD



Wood framed fused glass windows.



Window hangings, spirit houses.



Glass and paintings.



Paintings and glass



Garden Art, steel and fused glass.



Mixed media paintings






Fused Glass



Paintings, glass



Fused glass, all sorts and sizes



Superpower Bird Totem and paintings



GGlass and Starbelly painting



fused glass orca






Glass, and my glass cutting table.


Her Spirit Journey (she loves the wild)

Happy spring equinox!

I have been having some good days in my studio and in my life. I seem to have developed a new pattern of creating. I have BFD's...do you know what I mean by that? Big f#*%ing days! (it's a tree planter's language!).

Days with soooo much productivity and fervour! 

S L O W days always follow.

Such is the rhythm of my life right now. It feels fine, and it is different for me because I am typically someone who always has BFD's!!  Really learning a change of pace.

It feels timely.

I have been getting some painting time in my studio, as well as working on a couple of BIG glass projects. I will be sharing more pix and process about those projects once the clients see them. They have been challenging and fun! With a serious and playful dose of sacredness. A good combination for me.

I am, more and more inhabiting these words. We all can. If we choose.

When I say be creative, I don’t mean you should all go and become great painters and great poets. I simply mean let your life be a painting, let your life be a poem. —Osho



Detail of "All Sacred" mixed media painting.


Detail of "All Sacred" mixed media painting


"Spirit Journey" the painting in process


I've been listening to Danielle Laporte's  "The Firestarter Sessions" .

And LOVING it!


Light and Breezy Summertime

oh.........summertime on the west coast is AMAZING.......I LOVE feeling warm without having to build a fire in the wood stove.....barefoot and groovy all around....
been away to an out of this world, otherworld music and fun festival...super far out peeps and outrageous costumes and clothing, and no clothing on some.....and hanging with my guy and some fave friends...playing music, dancing, swimming in a beautiful clear river....sweetness and light....
I've noticed that some of my work has lightened up too....this painting is one that I made for our house and it feels so light and joyFULL.....I intend to follow this thread of inspiration....
hoping you are feeling warm and summery too.........xo
mixed media diptych, Fresh Joy 30"x48"

detail of elephants, mixed media on panel

Late Night Painting

mixed media paintings on panel

So I finally got my hands on paint again tonight.....it felt great....I been pretty happily full up creating glass art for my many upcoming shows.....so it was super fun tonight to get things messy again with paint.....

I'm not sure if these are done or not....I'll see how I feel tomorrow.....or the next day....it takes time usually for me to find my way with paintings......

and I will be sharing the new glass creations with you too....lots of animals, birds, fish imagery....

stay tuned....

Slowly Slowing Down and Awakening Joy

Awakening Joy

i created this little piece of mixed media several years ago...paint and paper on raw canvas...i called it "awakening joy".....it's kinda cool that i would do that, sort of foreshadowing....right now i am taking a mindfulness course called "Awakening Joy".....based on Buddhist philosophy.....

it is about REMEMBERING to really notice when we feel a sense of well being or joy....and to fully inhabit our lives in this moment....there are some sweet practices on how to be connected to this very moment...i know it is a journey of a lifetime and i believe i am totally on the path for the long haul.....slowly slowing down....


Blue Buffalo Paintings

Happy New Year 2013.......I have a few new Buffalo paintings......lots of blue paint...... I also have some pink paintings too.....I'll show them next time.....slowly transitioning into the new year in my studio.... as I attempt to create a quieter mind and life....quietude filled with exuberant joy and creativity.....working on a new intention this year.....

How about you?? Where is your creative being leading you this year?

"Let yourself ROAM" mixed media painting

Touching the Sacred mixed media painting

"Your Wild Spirit it Waiting for You" mixed media painting

detail shot, mixed media

detail shot, White Buffalo mixed media

Pink Horses and Painting Studios....

mixed media painting with wild horses

detail of mixed media painting with horses
mixed media assemblage with indian pink

i find myself still struggling (!!) with creating just the right space for painting.....i think it doesn't need to be so difficult really.....so, i am not sure why i am finding it to be a constant state of rearranging.....sigh..... i am blessed with this wonderful space and the time in my life to make it all work....

i have enough space....the problem comes because i need to keep space for photographing and showing the finished glass pieces, away from the glasswork/kiln area...and the best space for this also happens to be the best space for painting....soooooo.....it is an ongoing dilemma....and i am happy to have lots of windows and doors,  however this leaves only one solid wall left to work with......hmmmm.....
gotta get creative with this little "problem"!! (and i use the word problem very very lightly!)
anyone wanna come over to the beautiful island and assist me in this? i am open to ideas!!
studio painting space

Nanaimo Artwalk and Cheeky Monkey Glassworks

I have been happily engaged in my creative art practice and art biz....most recently I was invited to be a guest artist at Cheeky Monkey Glassworks during the Nanaimo Artwalk

 I was there with several other artists, including the owner of Cheeky Monkey, skilled glass artist Brenda Mcintyre,  fabulous bead maker Damaris Oakley and Gail who painted fused glass ornaments. Also there was a singer songwriter named Callinda....I love live music at an Art Show......

I am sharing a few pix of the paintings that I created while I was hanging with the gals.....lots of blues, turquoise and yellow....

as well, I have my show of mixed media work still showing at Artzi Stuff in Nanaimo till late December....

I had a really sweet creative weekend and I am grateful for the many opportunities this year......

"blue buffalo" detail mixed media painting
Blue Buffalo mixed media painting

Wild, mixed media painting with horses

detail, mixed media painting with wild horses

Wise Blue chicken, Mixed media painting

What's Not Wrong, thich naht hahn, mixed media painting

The District Gallery and Me

i am excited to announce that these paintings have made the journey down to The District Gallery
in Park City Utah......Karen is the owner there and she likes my work and thinks other people down there will too..... i'm hoping she's right!.....YAY!!


Wild Inside mixed media painting
Blue Buffalo mixed media

Wild Pony mixed media painting

Pure Spirit mixed media painting

Always Wild mixed media painting

They Roam mixed media painting

Tender Brave Spirit @ Norgate Gallery

ok, so the show went wonderfully......Tender Brave Spirit....mixed media paintings by Tammy Hudgeon showing @ Sheila Norgate's Gallery
with an artist talk as well (i'll share more on that later)......here are some pix of the display and paintings....some of the paintings left from this show may have a new place to go to be seen....more on that later maybe....!!!
big gratitude to Sheila Norgate for showing my work.....
My name on the wall
mixed media paintings by Tammy Hudgeon

3 Eggs mixed media painting by Tammy Hudgeon
Tammy Hudgeon Mixed Media

wild buffalo skull painting

wild horses mixed media painting

Sacred buffalo painting,
Jeff Molloy's fave....

tammy hudgeon artist statement

mixed media paintings

brave buffalo mixed media painting

old timey farm table with my paintings

antique turquoise cannisters

100 year old buffalo skull

old wooden cheese box

Mess Making, Mark Making.....Playing...

i love playing with paint.....generally making a mess and smearing paint around.....and i am really loving yellow and pink....and just kinda messy, smudged looking paint and letters....it pleases me immensely.....

some of the artists that i love, who all know how to play, and all happen to be women, and i am happy to say that they are all friends of mine!!!.....check them out......you will likely see some similarities between us all and do also notice all the ways that we differ.....we all have our own voice shining through....all from a female perspective....

Sheila Norgate

Nixie Barton

Caroline James

Carole Reid

as well.....coming up in September, opening on the 21st, i will be having my 1st ever solo show of paintings only....NO GLASS ALLOWED!!! ha ha.....it will be at Norgate Gallery on Gabriola Island......sheila and i will also be doing a talk on September 22nd as part of the show...lots more to come on that

first up though is a glass and mixed media show at Gabriola Artworks on Aug.9th....my 10th Annual Solo Show!!! woohoo!!! think bears and all manner of wildness.....

My Skeletons and Bodyworkers

 i see an amazing woman by the name of Marina Pianosi for bodywork in the form of Feldenkrais and Cranial sacral and just overall healing.....and learning to let my body R E L A X......

6" x 6" "love me 2 times"
it is a new concept for me, i think i have spent so many years of my life with extra tensions in my body that it has become the norm for me.....so i am in the process of re-learning how to just "be" in my body....and marina and her talk of the skeleton to support us has been resonating with me....

6"x6"" It's a Practice, Letting go"

during my last show Marina bought these little mixed media paintings to hang in her Physiotherapy office!!! so cool!! 

6"x6" "It's ok to relax"
Thank you Marina, for your amazing sensitive touch, your love of skeletons and your support of my art!

6" x6" 2 B Peaceful"

6"x6" "Getting Unstuck"

Our Wild Soul Spirit

here are couple of paintings that have undergone a few transformations along the way (like me!).....the only thing that stayed the same, more or less, was the horse image in each of them....everything else has layers and layers and layers.....i'm pretty good with them both at this time, although i like the top one best, the yellow one, the wild horses....they really feel like spirited beings to me.... the pink "breathe" horse may still change, but "wild soul spirit" is going to stay....i think....ha ha...such is the process

 i like having the option of revisiting the work and revising it....it is not so easy to do this with glass, although i do....i make bracelets and wind chimes out of broken bowls and things....it works pretty well, lots of detail that way....

and, of course, the usual messages to myself...stay in touch with the wildness, and b r e a t h e.....ahhhh