Bluerock Gallery, A Prairie Gem

Prairie Dream Trip!

We had a wonderful day driving down to the Bluerock Gallery in the hamlet of Black Diamond, in spacious and beautiful southern Alberta.


Bluerock Gallery is a precious gem of a gallery. I felt excited to see my mixed media paintings very well displayed. All of my work was out on display, which isn't always the case in galleries.


This destination gallery is very well curated, with each artist represented having a clear voice and style of their own. Ceramics, glass, felted art, paintings, jewelry, bronze displayed in all directions. 


I was also impressed to see an eclectic and interesting book selection.  Titles such as Rumi, Mary Oliver, Elizabeth May and many more authors.

I loved it there!


I felt kindred spirit alive and well, like arriving to something familiar and known, yet all new and exciting.....mmmmmmm.....precious indeed.

Thank you Karen Gimbel and Isis for your creative vision. I am honoured to be part of your gallery.

As we drove home, the day ended with an epic moon rise out one side of the car while the sun was setting out the other.....the prairies glowing....mmmmmmm.


Bluerock Gallery


Bluerock Gallery


Bluerock Gallery


Bluerock Gallery


Bluerock Gallery


Bluerock Gallery

Blessings to YOU

Hey gorgeous you....

I find winter Solstice is a wonderful time to retreat.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to have an offline, off grid, by the seashore in a rustic cabin getaway.

It feels very natural to me to SLOW down during these dark days of winter's arrival.

I do however, have a few walk, to breath, to play, to get quiet with my loved ones, to connect with nature.

And maybe, just maybe...if there is FLOW and no pressure I may dive into my new Leonie Dawson "Shining Year in Biz 2016" workbook!

Meanwhile, beauteous are a few of my spirited friends to keep you company. They are filled with as much spirit and love as you would find if you visited my studio.

With so much gratitude.

EnJOY your season, however it plays out for you.


Red Coyote Mixed media painting


Soft and Gentle Donkey mixed media painting


Contemplative Cat, mixed media painting


Turquoise Buffalo and bird friend


The Wayfarer


Kindred Spirits, mixed media painting


p.s. stay tuned in the New Year for new opportunities to connect with my paintings! I plan to offer cards, prints, buttons, pencil cases and pillow slips! you will be able to cozy up to a soft and loveable donkey pillow!

Back in the Saddle

I'm back! Ahhhhhhhh........

Wow, that felt good.

Some of you may have noticed that I haven't posted anything here for awhile. My apologies to any of you loyal readers. Thank you for showing up. I appreciate YOU.

I took some time away...simply because I had no choice.


My body insisted upon some lovely, laid back recovery time. And, finally I was willing to listen.

OK, I was forced to listen. However, it was the best thing ever ever ever...


I've had a full month off from the crazy hectic pace I usually set for myself...cause ya know there is ALWAYS more you can be doing when you are a hard working artist entrepreneur.

As some of you will know from your own experience.

I will be keeping things on the low down for awhile longer....AND I will be showing up here a little more regularly, cause I like to do this part!

You can see the results of some of 1st painting pleasure time in my studio in the last few days.

This piece feel soft and tender to me.

Kinda like how I've been feeling. xo


Detail of "Tiny Moments" mixed media acrylic painting on panel


Eggs, detail shot of "Tiny Moments" mixed media acrylic painting on panel.


Numbers,  detail shot of "Tiny Moments" mixed media acrylic painting on panel.  3 ft x 3 ft


"Tiny Moments" the full painting, 3 ft x 3 ft mixed media on panel.

Flowers and Glass Jars

A small new painting....the 1st painting I have done for about a month....I have been working on glass commissions, I am grateful for these lovely opportunities...

I just shipped out large boxes of carefully wrapped glass and steel sculptures bound for California and Toronto.....

and sooooo, as a balance to that I played with a bit of paint.....this panel had been started about 6 weeks ago....this piece is fully covered with collage underneath the paint., can see the texture and layering, and some words and images....

it pleases me greatly!! more to come...for the Thanksgiving Studio Tour in a couple of weeks.....stay tuned....

flowers in jars....mixed media painting

Artistic Inspiration and Marti Somers

as many of you know, I have some artists who inspire me endlessly, people like 
Sheila Norgate, Caroline James, Grant Leier, Nixie Barton.....and fortunately for me, I actually know some of these people, and they are my friends and peers.......sweetness.....
and now I have discovered someone new and exciting to know how it is...following a path online and I can't really say how I ended up finding Marti Somers......I can say that I LOVE her work and felt very inspired to see what she is creating.....
in the book "Steal Like An Artist" Austin Kleon says we are all doing mash-ups and remixes and when you are inspired by many people and then it works it's way through you then something authentic will emerge.....that is my intention when I am creating....because I am influenced by so much that I see and hear......
this mixed media piece kind of reminds me of some of the glass pieces I created last year...the quilted series....I have always been attracted to patchworked art, whether it be textile, glass, collage, paint...whatever......I love crazy quilts.....
Who's inspiring you right now?
mixed media collage "Frida Buffalo"

detail mixed media collage

Sheila Norgate and Me!

ok, you know...i am having a show of my mixed media paintings at Sheila Norgate's new gallery....The Keep Calm and Carry on Gallery

and i am working on creating a few more pieces for this this is a little bit of my can scroll through the images and see the progression of the painting.....i really love this process....minute by minute.....impulse by is a very alive way of creating....!!!
this final piece will be in the show...exactly one week from today...Friday, Sept.21st opening and runs through Saturday Sept.22nd.....that's it....short and sweet....
applying mixed media with old recipe book pages and doilies

add china marker and some paint

add the painted horse

paint the horse a little bluer....make more marks, smudge some areas

outline the horse with black paint

change the horse completely to an image of wild horses, add more paint, more mark making

p.s. this idea of sharing the process is inspired by Sheila as well.....she has been an amazing mentor for me, and many others i am sure....i am super G R A T E F U L.....

Bears and Salmon Part 2

i want to share a few more pix from the show......the only one with a person in it is a friend who is meeting Ursula the glass bear for the 1st was love at 1st sight!!! thank you to all who came out to see the continues on at Gabriola Artworks till the end of the august.....

i rarely put pix of myself in my blog or on facebook.....any opinions about this people? should i be putting pix and me and my art too?

Ursula in glass and her friend, on the painting

Ursula the Glass Bear and a new friend!

large glass salmon...32" long

glass windows and bowls

more fused glass bowls 

Glass Bear bowl 

Salmon and their reflections

more of the big glass fish

glass bowls, glass fish and glass window

more bowls

close-up of glass bear bowl

glass peace platter
more mixed media painting

fish and bears!

blue tree window

glass bear with irid glass

glass crow bowl

Wild thing, Bear painting

Things to do Today: Part 2

B R E A T H is definitely a time in my life, for various reasons, that this simple list is more important than ever.....sometimes it feels as though there is a lot of tension in the air......and i feel this is true in a global sense, and also in a very local sense.....

however, taking a walk in nature always brings me back to my about you?

B  R E A T H is always a good thing to be conscious of.....the breath...
"Things to Do Today".......
12" x 12" mixed media on panel

1st Ever Spring Show and Sale

 here are just a few pix from my 1st annual spring show!!! i had a GREAT  time! i just LOVE inviting people to my studio world....i work alone most of the time so it is really great to share my studio and my new work with so many people!! thank you all for coming to support me! i even have a video that i will learn to upload so that all of you who were unable to attend can have a virtual post maybe!

penelope's long shadow

garden stands
buddha and flowers
mini gems and 6 x 6 wall tiles
glass and mixed media

honey bee wall tile

pineapple bowl and fish bowl