Creating Out of the Studio = PLAYtime!

As much as I LOVE my studio, I also LOVE to get away....! 
my art studio life is not only about the creation of the art, it is about the biz of the art...which means obligations to galleries and shows, keeping my website current, bookkeeping and all other manner of biz related "stuff"....
so it is always a good idea for me to get out and about, to commune with Mama Gaia in an up close and personal way....and come back inspired and ready for a new session of studio time! (which you know I love love love!)
stay tuned, I will be in an Art Tour in less than 2 weeks, The Summer Breeze Studio Tour right here on Gabriola summer fun!
mixed media painting, driftwood, beach glass

mixed media for over the door of a wee cabin

creating by the seaside

to make sacred,....

boat tracks

wee stars by the sea

a daily gathering, offerings from the forest and sea