Blessings to YOU

Hey gorgeous you....

I find winter Solstice is a wonderful time to retreat.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to have an offline, off grid, by the seashore in a rustic cabin getaway.

It feels very natural to me to SLOW down during these dark days of winter's arrival.

I do however, have a few walk, to breath, to play, to get quiet with my loved ones, to connect with nature.

And maybe, just maybe...if there is FLOW and no pressure I may dive into my new Leonie Dawson "Shining Year in Biz 2016" workbook!

Meanwhile, beauteous are a few of my spirited friends to keep you company. They are filled with as much spirit and love as you would find if you visited my studio.

With so much gratitude.

EnJOY your season, however it plays out for you.


Red Coyote Mixed media painting


Soft and Gentle Donkey mixed media painting


Contemplative Cat, mixed media painting


Turquoise Buffalo and bird friend


The Wayfarer


Kindred Spirits, mixed media painting


p.s. stay tuned in the New Year for new opportunities to connect with my paintings! I plan to offer cards, prints, buttons, pencil cases and pillow slips! you will be able to cozy up to a soft and loveable donkey pillow!

Solstice Spirit Studio (what a finish!)

Yay! I packed and shipped my last art for the year 2015!

I always hold sacred the art that I ship out to new homes.

These pieces feel even more so as the requests for this work only arrived after I sent out my December newsletter.

My newest painting found a home almost instantly. It is named "Seafarers", and they are indeed seafaring as they sail off on a trip that will encompass 3 ferry rides before finally getting hOMe to a remote island.

The Sacred Salmon heads to the tall grass prairies, and the Spirit Totem goes to the even wilder far west coast.

I had some help with packing this time...well, more accurately I would say I "allowed" Ode to help me this time.

2016 will see me bringing in more systems to assist me in my biz! and more opportunities for me to share my art with you.

Think cool graphics of my art on tote bags, pillows and cards. Watch for it!

Thank YOU all so much for supporting my art, my studio.

p.s. you can see under "giving back" in the menu on this site all of the things you help to support when you support my studio. It all makes the world a better place. Thank you. xoxoxo



fused glass Spirit Totem, fused glass fish, mixed media painting, Seafarers.



Fused glass and mixed media paintings all packed and ready for shipping.


A New Way of Being

To Do List

   I LOVE serendipity!

I'll explain that statement in a bit.

Did you know that I love my blog?  

I really do love to share with you what's up in my world.

Over the last few years, I have been exploring and understanding myself in deeper and more nuanced ways than ever before.

It feels very overdue.

I believe I've been heading in this new direction for some time, and it took a little extra awareness for me to realize that I was not fully embodying some of my new found wisdom. In other words I was "talking the talk" but not always "walking the walk". Hah!

The body knows. You can't fool your body people...believe me, I've spent a lot of time trying.

I have been requested, in a universal kind of way....ya know what I mean?...various things happening that send me a message that there are better choices for me to be making.

There is nothing like my body to encourage me to L I S T E N a little closer. And so I am.  More consciousness in what I do and why I do it. No longer working my a#$ off to prove my worthiness is an awesome start!

I created this little piece of art several years ago. It is a mixed media piece, on raw canvas. I used all sorts of media on this, oil pastels, acrylic paint, ink, pencil, bandaids! and sewn parts. (this one went to a customer, my cuz, in New Zealand)

It was fun to make, and it has words that imply actions I am still learning to do.

Now for the serendipitous part:  this wordpress blog is new to me. When I went to "add media" I noticed that there were many many images in the file already, from my oldest blogspot posts. And this is what I no need to add something new...when the message from something older is still current!

I do have mucho new work as well. You can see more of it on my facebook page and even more current and personal pix on instagram.

I also FULLY believe that our personal journeys to wholeness help to heal the collective in ways that we don't even understand.

p.s. I'm working the most on #5 right now. ACCEPT.

How about you? thoughts to share?


Painting, Glass, Eggs & Connections

The title of this post might seem kinda weird to others....however to me it all sounds connected....and in my strong desire to create a life that does not have separation between my creative life, my creative biz life, my need for community and merryment and my need for solitude I have found myself looking in all kinds of directions, books, dharma talks, tarot, astrology....and yes, finally also looking within...
at times the search has felt frantic.....(searching for something that is already here, inside, just needing acceptance, by ME)
BUT.....I am now starting to believe, to actually start to embody a different path...something that feels more holistic, more connected.....and really it's all about 
so simple, yet so challenging at times....from a rebellious people pleaser....yah, rebellion and desire to please do not actually create the greatest ease in life....such is my ongoing challenge....something of a parodox
fortunately my creative life path gives me many opportunities to practice...
so, in looking at this piece of art, I can understand the words don't just apply to eggs...

Mason Jars and Still Life: The Process of Creating

I want to share a little about the process of some of my mixed media paintings....these 3 pieces started with glueing bits and pieces of collected paper onto the wood supports.

I had been having a strong desire to just sit and glue paper for a long while....and finally I allowed myself the time to do so....this was about 3 months ago.....

the process of collage

at the end of that little session, my need to cut and paste quenched for a bit,  I left these 3 pieces alone until just last week....

not really sure what would become of them...I liked them the way they looked, very full, cluttery even....however they were unresolved...I knew there was more that wanted to be done...

after paint and colour added, mixed media collage

I have never had a strong desire to create a still life painting....however, a couple of things happened that made me look at this in a new way....I received 2 flower bouquets that I really LOVED, and the look of them really inspired me to play with creating flowers and my own version and voice of course....and so, these pieces fairly quickly took shape once I very roughly drew the 1st mason jar.....btw, I also love mason jars....most especially the pale turquoise ones....of course they are glass too, so that's another big point in their favour!!

3 paintings finished, mixed media collage

these pieces are all 12" x 12" mixed media on panel....they will be showing at my next show, which is the Gabriola Studio Tour, on Thanksgiving Weekend....less than 2 weeks from now!

Pink Horses and Painting Studios....

mixed media painting with wild horses

detail of mixed media painting with horses
mixed media assemblage with indian pink

i find myself still struggling (!!) with creating just the right space for painting.....i think it doesn't need to be so difficult, i am not sure why i am finding it to be a constant state of rearranging.....sigh..... i am blessed with this wonderful space and the time in my life to make it all work....

i have enough space....the problem comes because i need to keep space for photographing and showing the finished glass pieces, away from the glasswork/kiln area...and the best space for this also happens to be the best space for is an ongoing dilemma....and i am happy to have lots of windows and doors,  however this leaves only one solid wall left to work with......hmmmm.....
gotta get creative with this little "problem"!! (and i use the word problem very very lightly!)
anyone wanna come over to the beautiful island and assist me in this? i am open to ideas!!
studio painting space

Artzi Stuff

i just delivered these few small pieces of my mixed media work to a lovely little boutique gallery in is called Artzi Stuff .....this gallery has had artwork from other  Gabriola Island artists long before me....people like Shena Meadowcroft  and Simone Bell ....the shop is owned and operated by Tanya Streeter Wilson who is an artist herself....she does really great silk screening and textile work as well as other types of mixed media art......

we are planning to have a solo show of my mixed media paintings in september.... in the meantime, there are a few pieces already showing there......check it out if you are in the is a delightful shop...!

Stay Wild Child

Eye See, It's No Secret 24" x24"

i've been at the Poetry Gabriola Festival this has been soooo amazing.....spoken word and music, powerful performers who really lay it on the line.....emotional, heartfelt, heavy hitting, soul stirring.....  

Stay Wild Child 24" x 30"

at the end of the last two nights i have come back to my studio and thrown some paint you can see......the spoken word people are seriously fearless performers and it inspires me to be fearless also......both of these paintings have other work the 1st one only the eye survived the creative flame....for now......and the woman and the words are from an old farm catalogue....i love the old timey look......these 2 pieces also kinda spring from my wild pony that i wrote about a couple of posts ago...remember? check it'll see what i mean.....the bottom 2 pix are close-up shots....
Stay Wild Child detail

Stay Wild Child detail