A Day Off.....JOY

Fresh Joy, mixed media on panel

Day off........whew.....I am grateful and also tired out....so I am now allowing myself to have a couple of days to RELAX....right here at home.....I have had a couple of large shows already this year, with 2 more big ones and some small ones still to come this summer.....

yes, I am most grateful as well for the opportunities....I know that not everyone lives in a place that supports art like we have here on Gabriola Island, and the west coast in general. Thank you to all of the peeps that came out to my studio show....I received 3 flower bouquets!

being a passionate creative with a powerful work ethic can create a bit of a monster at times....so my challenge is very often S L O W I N G down....and today
I am doing it~!


Joyful Effort

i have been a regular user of the word "busy" in the past but i am the process of dropping it from my vocabulary...at least in terms of myself.....i have come to see it as being an ego reinforcer....as in "I'm so busy" having a secondary meaning of "I'm so important".....so i am working on dropping it....

my story today is that i am grateful to have all the opportunities to create and share my artwork....and i have been very happily occupied with many new things.....here are a few with links....

1. Sandwell Slough Show.....this is a local show with several artists creating work based on raising awareness of a beautiful and threatened area on our lovely island....my pieces were of my "Heron" series of glass art

2. Glass Christmas ornaments to Crafthouse Gallery in Vancouver

3. New glass art to Vernon Public Art Gallery

4. 3 New paintings to Resolution Gallery in Calgary for an event called "The Tea Party" in conjunction with "The Naked Leaf Tea Company"

5. Preparing new mixed media paintings for a solo showing at Artzi Stuff in Nanaimo in early

and working on orders for commissioned pieces, flower bouquets for The Shayne Gallery

and many more things including travels and family....

Gratitude Every Day mixed media painting

May you inner self be secure and happy mixed media painting

This Sacred Land mixed media painting