High School Art Confidential

Just this week I had the honour of hosting high school art students in my studio.....and I had a great time.... Grant Leier and Nixie Barton, two fab artists who own Barton Leier Gallery   asked if I wanted to participate in this annual gathering. They have hosted students from this Edmonton Alberta high school for several years....

I said YES! I thought it would be fun and a way to give back something to young creatives....
Little did I know how much I would receive from being able to share like this...with intelligent, talented young women who are in the process of entering the adult world of work and college. 
There was the feeling of actually having something to impart, and to possibly be able to inspire young women to take seriously the idea of a career in the arts....super cool, super charged!
At the end I read them the  "Immaculate Heart College Art Department Rules"  (follow the link and read them)   which I LOVE!!! and was overjoyed to be able to share share share....
Thank YOU all.....Denise, Brad, Rihanna, Keeley, Shantelle, Tristan, Emily, Willow,  and Toni! (please forgive spelling errors in names) 
it truly was my great pleasure to meet and create with you all! 
please stay in touch if you want....(I really mean it!)

students starting their glass project

Art teacher and Principal

adding the details


bending stringer with a tea light....requires patience

Immaculate Heart College Rules

Adding Frit (crushed glass)

Finishing up

Reading the Rules....love these rules! Immaculate Heart College Rules

the lovely talented young art students! and me and their teacher...

Their wonderful artwork!