All Together Now (Glass, Glass.....Teeny Tiny Pieces)

I have arrived finally at my glass cutting table in the last couple of some of you know by reading my blog I have been out of my studio quite a bit this summer (very unusual).....and when I arrived hOMe from my prairie dreamtime travels I was slightly under the weather....and so I did something I mostly never do unless forced to, I took time off to heal my cold.
in my ongoing attempt to break old, hard habits of pushing pushing move beyond this habitual way of is a process of letting go.....r e l a x i n g.....lightening UP a bit more.....
So, even though an onlooker may see my glass artwork as light and playful, I actually take my work quite seriously....too seriously at times....holy heck! lighten up would ya girl?? ha ha....
After warming up with shelves of glass stars, I started on the work shown below...I have a few custom orders, one of them for my garden fish, of which you can see one on the kiln shelf below... to do before the upcoming Studio Tour in 2 weeks.
As you can see in these pix, there are a couple of squares on the kiln shelf that have many many bits and pieces of glass....none of them were cut for this project...these are created from the dregs at the bottom of my glass cabinet drawers...other than the feather in the platter on the left...
I haven't created my fused glass in this way for a looooong time (a glass cutter is more involved)..,it felt good, meditative even.....that is definitely a sign I have slowed down a bit, to take the time to do this....many years ago when I created fused glass in this way, with little bits and pieces, it was because I wanted/needed to use every bit of glass I supplies were not so extensive.
All of this is in preparation for Gabriola Island's Thanksgiving Studio Tour on Oct 11, 12, 13, very soon! Hope to see YOU! 
Glass fish and platters before fusing

Pre fusing, held up to light, looking at bottom of glass piece