All Together Now (Glass, Glass.....Teeny Tiny Pieces)

I have arrived finally at my glass cutting table in the last couple of some of you know by reading my blog I have been out of my studio quite a bit this summer (very unusual).....and when I arrived hOMe from my prairie dreamtime travels I was slightly under the weather....and so I did something I mostly never do unless forced to, I took time off to heal my cold.
in my ongoing attempt to break old, hard habits of pushing pushing move beyond this habitual way of is a process of letting go.....r e l a x i n g.....lightening UP a bit more.....
So, even though an onlooker may see my glass artwork as light and playful, I actually take my work quite seriously....too seriously at times....holy heck! lighten up would ya girl?? ha ha....
After warming up with shelves of glass stars, I started on the work shown below...I have a few custom orders, one of them for my garden fish, of which you can see one on the kiln shelf below... to do before the upcoming Studio Tour in 2 weeks.
As you can see in these pix, there are a couple of squares on the kiln shelf that have many many bits and pieces of glass....none of them were cut for this project...these are created from the dregs at the bottom of my glass cabinet drawers...other than the feather in the platter on the left...
I haven't created my fused glass in this way for a looooong time (a glass cutter is more involved)..,it felt good, meditative even.....that is definitely a sign I have slowed down a bit, to take the time to do this....many years ago when I created fused glass in this way, with little bits and pieces, it was because I wanted/needed to use every bit of glass I supplies were not so extensive.
All of this is in preparation for Gabriola Island's Thanksgiving Studio Tour on Oct 11, 12, 13, very soon! Hope to see YOU! 
Glass fish and platters before fusing

Pre fusing, held up to light, looking at bottom of glass piece

Oyster Catchers are Groovy Quirky Birds...

i love oyster catchers....they are one of my fave birds.... along with chickens and crows, as you know by now......i like how they strut along the shoreline....only a certain tide height will do, ya know....and they peck here and there on the beach....and they have a bit of an "ants in the pants" thing going on.....i love it when they are backlit and the sun shines through their bright orange beeks....looks kinda like glass!! just glowing.......

 i've been creating oyster catchers in glass for a few years....bowls, windows, platters.....and just the other day i made some small oyster catcher garden stakes....they are suuuper funky....i totally smile when i look at them....and they will look soooo sassy in a garden....against the green of a coastal winter yard, or the brilliant colours of a summer garden....anything goes with these gals....

 they look especially good in a small gathering, the way you often see them on the shoreline....alone works too though, cause you always see at least one off by herself, away from the crowd!!! we all need alone time after all.....

Juicy Pineapples inspired by Wild Borneo

i have had pineapples in my glass before...hanging pineapples and garden pineapples....that was a few year ago and i have been re-inspired to create pineapples again..well, after all, they are juicy and colourful, and i think they are kinda fun, like bananas (more later on the bananas).....with little pokey bits and exuberant green tops.....the big pineapple inspiration this year was in my travels to see friends in borneo!!!! no kidding, really.... far flung borneo....stu and rose have a groovy little farm, down by the river...and they are growing pineapples right there in the backyard!!! although backyard makes it sound so contained.... really it is miles of wilderness all is fenced though to keep out the water buffalo!!!! i love it....and ya know i love the water buffalo too! we even helped to plant some new little pineapples....and, on the 1st morning in our little cabin out in the wilds we had a fresh pineapple delivered right to our door (thanks stu) coooool is that???????? yes, you're right, it is totally cool...and super juicy!!! yummy...
sketchbook from travels

Artworks show
pineapple sculpture with steel frame

mini garden pineapples

detail of top

more garden stakes

1st Ever Spring Show and Sale

 here are just a few pix from my 1st annual spring show!!! i had a GREAT  time! i just LOVE inviting people to my studio world....i work alone most of the time so it is really great to share my studio and my new work with so many people!! thank you all for coming to support me! i even have a video that i will learn to upload so that all of you who were unable to attend can have a virtual post maybe!

penelope's long shadow

garden stands
buddha and flowers
mini gems and 6 x 6 wall tiles
glass and mixed media

honey bee wall tile

pineapple bowl and fish bowl

Spring Fever Part 2

 ok,ok, i'm nearing the  end of my skull mania....of course there will be more skulls, but you'll have to come find me to see them!!! these ones are on sturdy steel stakes...perfect for getting deep into the ground to keep 'em steady in all weather...

 this is bit closer up...i like them, they make me feel happy, they are kinda like pals already, they feel like they have their own character...and great beautiful WHITE teeth...already 2 are leaving home to other gardens!!!

 a real close up of this dude, notice he's got a fang on one side...

these last 2 pix are bowls and little tiny dishes....using the same simple frit technique....they feel very fresh, very spring like to me...and 2 smaller ones are on clear glass, even more feels like it's time to lighten you will soon see when i launch my new website....but i always have BLACK in there somewhere, to ground me i always feels essential.....

Pretty Hanging Skulls (mostly)

ok, well i'm i said, with more skulls.....and just a little note for all you NON skull lovers, i have many other things on the go in my studio as bees!!!! ya know the buzzing bumbling humble little bee's that support our life on this planet??? and of course flowers....cause bees need 'em, and they are beautiful design imagery.......for now though, back to the skulls.....the 1st image is a pic i took TODAY, just outside my studio door.....with the new skull hangy things....they are definitely "el dia del muerte" mexican type skulls....i like the daisy eyes and i really like the idea of celebrating with your fave people who have moved on to other, i find these skulls quite happy and feel good, and as they slowly spin around the movement is quite entrancing..
the 2nd image is a shot from my journal/sketchbook.....this i did while traveling in borneo, malaysia.....and in that country the skulls are a whole different thing...although still involved in a belief system.....the tribal people were (many many many years ago) traditionally headhunters....yah, i said headhunters!!!! and the trophies from inter-tribal warfare were oftentimes skulls of the enemy.....and, they believed that the skulls had magical powers, the fresher they were the more powerful the magic!!!!! wild hey??

 .. ok, so, i am not an anthropologist, this is the just a little info i picked up from museums and books as we traveled through the country, .....most longhouses would no longer have skulls hanging from the ceiling...and it is most assuredly NOT still a custom.....the people are super friendly....not threatening at all, ha ha.....they also believed that beads had/have magical powers as well, more on that another time.....oh yah, i took the pic of the "real" skull in a musuem in borneo.....that's why it's blurry, you were NOT supposed to take pix in there!!! ssshhhhh   
check back again , lots more to cremation ceremonies in bali!! another celebration of death, to help the spirits move on to the new realm.......quite spectacular......embellishments galore!!!

New Images from the Spring Studio

oh yah, and in the 1st image, beside the skull, are these beautiful boxes, they are made from old javenese fishing boats, and i fell in love with them in bali....and would have brought whole shelves and cupboards made from these boats if i could it was, we were backpacking, and even these took up a bit of space.....and there is some weight to them also, being hardwood and all.....but i just LOVE the flaky paint and textured surface....the patina of life on the south china sea......and then some pix of my new is sooooo nice to see the glass fresh out of the kiln....all glossy and really yummy looking.....
i LOVE LOVE LOVE  my studio and i am soooo grateful to have this space, just for creating,......and to share a bit with ya'll now too.....  oh yah, i have no idea why the colour did not work around the flowers....BUT, i did get colour in the other areas....YAY!!!!  and i have no idea why some of  the text is underlined.......????? but i now see that it isn't anymore and i don't know why, ahhh well...... i have faith that i will learn these things....i think...