Bears and Salmon Part 2

i want to share a few more pix from the show......the only one with a person in it is a friend who is meeting Ursula the glass bear for the 1st was love at 1st sight!!! thank you to all who came out to see the continues on at Gabriola Artworks till the end of the august.....

i rarely put pix of myself in my blog or on facebook.....any opinions about this people? should i be putting pix and me and my art too?

Ursula in glass and her friend, on the painting

Ursula the Glass Bear and a new friend!

large glass salmon...32" long

glass windows and bowls

more fused glass bowls 

Glass Bear bowl 

Salmon and their reflections

more of the big glass fish

glass bowls, glass fish and glass window

more bowls

close-up of glass bear bowl

glass peace platter
more mixed media painting

fish and bears!

blue tree window

glass bear with irid glass

glass crow bowl

Wild thing, Bear painting