Free 2 Roam Show Happenings

A few pix from my latest art show at Gabriola Artworks...opened Aug.4 and will be showing for a few weeks....if you're in the area stop by and have a look....lots of colour and characters.....the opening was fantastic...Gabriola crowds are always the best!!! and some friends, old and new from over on the big island also!! thanks so much to all for supporting the arts on our beautiful island!!! xoxo

center of the room display

Woof bowl and platter

chicks garden stakes

bee bowls

chicken totem pole "home to roost"

mixed media paintings

glass wall tiles on wood panel

Bali Dawgs and other Scribbles

ya'll will be seeing a bit more of me this week, on the blog that least that's my plan.....since i have a solo show coming up at Gabriola Artworks in less than a week, on aug.4th, so i want to get the word out.....artworks shows are always a great time....the fabulous Dinah D will be there to entertain and keep things lively with her awesome singing and playing.....the drinks will flow and the glass will glitter....and there will be a few paintings as well.....

india ink dog and friends

 these ink and watercolour drawings were done in bali this winter.....dogs, dogs, dogs.....bali dogs specifically......or, my version of them....and they are an inspiration for my you will see at my least one large glass dog, and maybe puppies too....

dogs added to journal

as you can see, i cut out the dogs from the first paper and glued them into my journal and scribbled and painted all around was fun....try it sometime, it's amazing how liberating scribbling can be....i LOVE it.....i am digging messy and kinda weird and absolutely totally not symmetrical.....

Camping and Crows

so, i've been away for a few days....camping by the seaside.....and holy crow!!! sooooo many crows where we were, it becomes easy to see their routines and habits....not a robin in site.....and as you know, i LOVE crows.....and even though they are not a large part of my current body of work, when i see them i wanna play with the image.....these are quickie playtime shots from my visual, not too much thought put in...just playing with colour and shape.....
sketchbook crows

 this second image is quick drawings with a sharpie felt pen, and then filled in with all colours that pleased me in the, polka dots!!!! this is different shots of the same curious crow as the keyboard played on the beach...checkin' it out....

more observations

 and then.... dogs are actually part of my current glass work....i am having a solo show on aug.4th, on gabriola, and will be showcasing "jolene" my life size dog sculpture.....she is sassy and cute, and i am lovin' her alot.....anyway, on this next page are some quick drawings, again with a sharpie....the type of dog kinda looks like my old dog, sarah, who has been gone awhile now.....she taught me alot....i think dogs really are quite buddha nature....they definitely live for the moment....the same path is filled with new delights on a daily basis....i attempt to capture that feeling now and then when i am walking....before bizzzzzy brain starts up's a process.....ahhhhh......

buddha nature

Groovy Glass Show and Sassy Chickens

Here are some pix of my glass from the Vancouver Island Glass Show, which just happened in Nanaimo on April 23rd....

 so, the 1st 2 pix are from the show...and it was a good show, very well attended...many talented glass artists, and quite a diverse array of glass art!! i think the show has mucho potential to grow and evolve into something quite cool.....the last pic is an image of a brand new bowl!! with long legged sassy chickens....i saw sooooo many chickens in bali, and i loved seeing them running all over.....truly Free Run chicks, which is kind of how i want to operate in the world, especially in my creative practice.....and that is the only kind of eggs i wanna eat!!!....even saw a chicken running through an art museum....really, ya gotta love that.....also, soon to come, well they are already created, just have to post them so you can see them range chicken mixed media pieces!!!! i am really likin' the whole chicken thing, i have had chickens in my glass before ....aaaaaand  i will have some dogs coming into the scene too!!! bow wow!