Arts on the Avenue Show

so, as you may know, i was down to the Arts on the Avenue show at Ladysmith last weekend
it is a nice art show, with some really great art. i was invited to be the guest artist and had a 20 x 20 covered area to inhabit for the hey?? 

 i only had 1 1/2 hours to set up so i was grateful to have 3 helpers for most of that was a rush for put on a full glass show in that short of time is crazy!!! but we did it....i had amazing help at home on gabriola to get me started... thanks to kathy ramsey!! gallery owner extraordinaire.... and i also had some great display stands built by my guy....yay!!!

 the volunteers were helpful and friendly.... kathy, rita, claudio, rod, wendy, mimi (love that name)...thanks to all of you...and it was a big crowd, with some real art appreciators.....thank you Ladysmith!!

3 piece screen
reflection of screen on asphalt

i love the reflection that glass makes.....

up next, studio tour in october, right here in my own studio.....but 1st??? a nice little camping trip and some relaxin' time....oh yah......and more painting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!