Free 2 Roam Show Happenings

A few pix from my latest art show at Gabriola Artworks...opened Aug.4 and will be showing for a few weeks....if you're in the area stop by and have a look....lots of colour and characters.....the opening was fantastic...Gabriola crowds are always the best!!! and some friends, old and new from over on the big island also!! thanks so much to all for supporting the arts on our beautiful island!!! xoxo

center of the room display

Woof bowl and platter

chicks garden stakes

bee bowls

chicken totem pole "home to roost"

mixed media paintings

glass wall tiles on wood panel

A Few New Faces!!!

hey everyone!!! i wanted to introduce you to some of my new pals....they've been hanging around my studio a lot in the last little while....but i am going to take them out to a show this thursday, aug.4th....right here on gabriola island, @ gabriola artworks....this is of course, my art show....and these little faces belong to a few of my newest creations.....i've kinda been all over the map this year with ideas and work....but it's all connected, at least from my perspective....aaaaaand, i have been having a real good time in my studio!!! i LOVE creating in my wonderful amazing studio space!
Close up, Jolene

 and, i absolutely, totally LOVE sharing all of my creations with all of come on by and have a look, meet some new friends...and have a fun ole time!!!!

top chicken on totem pole

Chicks Rule and Much More.......

12" x 12" mixed media on panel

well, apparently i am back at square one figuring out how to do this colour thing....since i got a new old laptop was seriously under-rammed, so doing pretty well anything on the computer took sooooooo long.....but alas, i must learn a new system, cause i bought a mac.....recommended by 3 super talented, artsy friends of's a whole new world for sure.....

 anyway, as you can see, i am cooking up chickens in my kiln ....lots of 'em bowls, platters, teeny tiny little friendship gems, and also, sculptural pieces as shown below....i have not named her yet....i'm thinking something like "betsy"....................she has 3 blue eggs she's about to lay.....                 

and then, 2 of my images have just arghhhhh......moving on, the next image is a tiny little mixed media piece....this piece describes me perfectly...."homebody".....i love my little home and studio tucked away in the forest.....and  the next pic is this great little vintage chair that i bought at a garage sale last weekend....and i just LOVE it....stacked on it are colourful jars of glass frit...this is crushed glass...and i will show you the little gems that i made with frit next time....and then next up is another shot of of a chicken bowl....the flowers beside it were given to me by a good good friend of mine.....and the little pitcher the flowers are in is one that i made when i took a glassblowing workshop several years ago.....and then i discovered fusing, a perfect fit for my personality.. .....and now i am discovering mixed media......yay, i love them both, and they are sooo different (more on that in another post)........but the same sensiblities come through, colours and imagery i am attracted you will see when i figure out how to do this again and can post more paintings...... 


new chair and jars of frit
"home body"  6" x 6" wood panel 

so, yah, i am finding this blogging and mac computer stuff much more difficult and technical than glass fusing, which is actually quite technical in itself......but i am determined to learn this cause i am really loving sharing with you all in this way...especially my mixed media pieces coming post....stay tuned