The Elephant in the Garden (part 2)

I am very excited to finally share these pix with you ALL!

Lord Ganesha project completed and safely ensconced in his new hOMe.



Fused glass and steel Ganesha and us in our home.


It took me a bit of time to go through and gather the images and do the editing. I have had many projects leaving my studio in the last while and taking the time to post about them and share the details takes time!


Lord Ganesha was honoured and welcomed into his new garden home in a beautiful Puja (prayer) ceremony that included the pouring of milk, water, sandalwood paste over the form of the fused glass and steel Ganesha sculpture.


You can see and read more about the ceremony with Pandit Tejomaya at Yoga Sadhana Mandir here.

I am grateful and honoured to have been asked to create this powerful symbol in fused glass and welded steel. Ganesha is known as the remover of obstacles

We have been connected to Ganesha ever since we went to India several years ago, where he is revered as a Lord.

Om Ganapataya Namaha



Steel and fused glass Ganesh with Cricket Cat!


Detail pic of beautiful metal work and face detail.


Lord Ganesha's consort, a mouse.


Just me and Lord Ganesha in our home, before he leaves for his new home at Yoga Sadhana Mandir.



Ganesha in his new garden home at Yoga Sadhana Mandir.


Pandit Tejomaya and my metalworker and partner Ode Howard and me in the temple garden after the puja ceremony.



Packing Glass, with Gratitude

Wow! my studio has been very active in recent Gabriola Studio Tour. 
I have been packing and shipping several parcels of glass, steel and paintings....parcels going all over,  to places on Vancouver Island,  in Vancouver, the Okanagon, Alberta and all the way to Nova Scotia! 
I am extremely grateful and happy to be doing this, even though I lamented recently on my 
face book studio page about how I kind of dread packing up my art....especially my glass art....seems I'm not alone in my procrastination when it comes to packing.

I love to send my art out into the world though, and I am always happy to have someone waiting to receive I have gotten very good at packing!

Watch for some new glass of mine, including this "Day of the Dead" sculpture in the pix at 

packing glass

little skulls attached to the big skull are getting wrapped,

All Together Now (Glass, Glass.....Teeny Tiny Pieces)

I have arrived finally at my glass cutting table in the last couple of some of you know by reading my blog I have been out of my studio quite a bit this summer (very unusual).....and when I arrived hOMe from my prairie dreamtime travels I was slightly under the weather....and so I did something I mostly never do unless forced to, I took time off to heal my cold.
in my ongoing attempt to break old, hard habits of pushing pushing move beyond this habitual way of is a process of letting go.....r e l a x i n g.....lightening UP a bit more.....
So, even though an onlooker may see my glass artwork as light and playful, I actually take my work quite seriously....too seriously at times....holy heck! lighten up would ya girl?? ha ha....
After warming up with shelves of glass stars, I started on the work shown below...I have a few custom orders, one of them for my garden fish, of which you can see one on the kiln shelf below... to do before the upcoming Studio Tour in 2 weeks.
As you can see in these pix, there are a couple of squares on the kiln shelf that have many many bits and pieces of glass....none of them were cut for this project...these are created from the dregs at the bottom of my glass cabinet drawers...other than the feather in the platter on the left...
I haven't created my fused glass in this way for a looooong time (a glass cutter is more involved)..,it felt good, meditative even.....that is definitely a sign I have slowed down a bit, to take the time to do this....many years ago when I created fused glass in this way, with little bits and pieces, it was because I wanted/needed to use every bit of glass I supplies were not so extensive.
All of this is in preparation for Gabriola Island's Thanksgiving Studio Tour on Oct 11, 12, 13, very soon! Hope to see YOU! 
Glass fish and platters before fusing

Pre fusing, held up to light, looking at bottom of glass piece

Painting, Glass, Eggs & Connections

The title of this post might seem kinda weird to others....however to me it all sounds connected....and in my strong desire to create a life that does not have separation between my creative life, my creative biz life, my need for community and merryment and my need for solitude I have found myself looking in all kinds of directions, books, dharma talks, tarot, astrology....and yes, finally also looking within...
at times the search has felt frantic.....(searching for something that is already here, inside, just needing acceptance, by ME)
BUT.....I am now starting to believe, to actually start to embody a different path...something that feels more holistic, more connected.....and really it's all about 
so simple, yet so challenging at times....from a rebellious people pleaser....yah, rebellion and desire to please do not actually create the greatest ease in life....such is my ongoing challenge....something of a parodox
fortunately my creative life path gives me many opportunities to practice...
so, in looking at this piece of art, I can understand the words don't just apply to eggs...

New Glass, Summer Ending

I am prolonging the summer feeling a bit by showing a few more pix of the new glass I created this summer....I tended towards lighter colours and clear glass in some of the felt light and fresh to me, what do you think?....
I'm not sure what the feelings of fall will bring into my creativity....warmth and coziness maybe....
Stay tuned....I am heading back into my beloved studio for new creating time!
"Cordelia, Daughter of the Sea" glass whale sculpture

"Have Your Cake" fused glass bowl

Fused glass Square, with clear edge

Beloved buffalo glass dish

Soaring Eagle glass dish

Mindful Creating

Golden Buddha with ceramic art at my studio entrance

ok, well...maybe not always mindfully creating....however....I am becoming much more aware of  how I approach my creative world, my whole life how I manage the many opportunities to create, connect and show.....starting to really understand what factors are considered in the choices I make....and the more aware I am, the more I can make decisions from my heart....

for example...instead of thinking "I should go in that show" ...or.....some other artist is doing this...maybe i "should" too....whenever I use the word Should I know I need to look a little closer at my motivations....there is always something to learn.....

sooooo......moving along now.....

coming up soon, May 18th!  I am in a show at the West End Gallery in Victoria B.C. with the amazing Grant Leier and Nixie Barton! I have some new new ideas and fun circular shapes in my glass! I am really liking the outcome......YAY!!

Occupy My Studio

I am happily very involved in my studio with many many different projects.....spring is often very full, not busy, remember I am choosing not to use the word "busy".....

it's amazing how many times that 4 letter word could spring forth out of my mouth....I believe words are very powerful and I am consciously choosing to describe my active studio as something other then B U S Y......
I GET to go CREATE Today!!! that is an awesome way to envision my day.....
One of many things I am preparing for is a (big) show coming up in about a month....May 18th, at the West End Gallery in Victoria! so excited about this one....I will be showing glass sculptural work only, with 2 of my art mentors....Grant Leier and Nixie Barton.....
still creating my work for this one.....with lots already done! yay....
Stay tuned.....
Fused Glass Flower Bouquet

Various fused glass and mixed media art....Buffalo skulls, salmon, Frida

Gabriola Island Studio Tour 2012 Pix

hey all! i have posted several pix of my studio during the Gabriola Island Thanksgiving Studio Tour 2012.....there are many more pix and images of other studios if you follow the link....i also posted a short video, amateur for sure....of my studio on the Sunday is 2 minutes, it gives you a little peak into how Tammy Hudgeon Studio looked just last weekend.....super big thanks to the staff and many many volunteers that make the Gabriola Arts Council so awesome!!!

let me know what you think? enjoy.........

glass garden stake chicken

glass crow garden stake

glass heron garden stand

Tammy Hudgeon Studio

Glass wavy window ornaments

glass garden stands

Groovy Glass dishes

Glass and mixed media display

inside the door tammy hudgeon studio

glass salmon

on the deck Tammy Hudgeon

glass fish and glass room divider

glass garden stands

glass chicken

glass voodoo head garden stand

groovy glass peace circles

Annabelle the glass chicken

steel and glass bird

reflections of glass buffalo bowl

glass stars and reflections

Tina Jones and her glass groovy circles

painting and wall gems Tammy Hudgeon Studio

by the glass cutting table

glass and paintings Tammy Hudgeon Studio

bees in glass bowl


glass dishes and platters

Old Salty's on Saltspring Island

i recently had a lovely visit with a few Saltspring Island women who run a shop on that island.....they spent some time in my studio picking out some items that they thought might go over well on their island....the shop is called "Old Salty".......if you are visiting Saltspring have a's a great shop, right in the heritage Mouat's Trading Building......

wall gems various sizes

mini gems

these are a few images of the variety of my pieces that they chose to display in their store.....

they also visited MoonShine Studio......Laura Handford is an amazingly skilled silversmith, i love her designs!!......she referred me to Old Salty and suggested the ladies visit my studio! thanks Laura! she also referred them to other island silversmiths, which i think was very professional and generous of her.....

wavy fish, various sizes
the Old Salty ladies also visited 
Nina Turzyn @ Paprika Design.......her silver work is wonderful as well, and Laura and Nina's work is very distinct from each other.....and Maureen O'Conner @ Whalesong Studio.....Maureen knits and makes glass beads and does silver work all extremely well.....and she is a nurse too!!!! and mom!!!! amazing.....
wavy fish

 i intend to get to Saltspring and see Old Salty myself before long! Thank you Old Salty, Mary Lou and friends for coming to visit!

Many Uses for Little Glass Ladders

it's all about B A L A  N C E really......
little glass ladders
 i have used the ladder image in some of my mixed media paintings over the last few years...most notably i had a buffalo balancing on top of a of my good friends has an amazing painting with a ladder reaching into the clouds....and i think that has imprinted into my consciousness (thank you David!)......Carole Reid, a painting friend, uses ladders in her paintings....and then most recently Lauren Everett Finn....another inspired painter that is a new friend on face book.....she suggested glass ladders.....

more glass ladders
well, i like them a lot....just leaning around on my new/old cupboard.....i think they would look good propped in a window too.....

12" x 12" mixed media Balanced Crows

and then i had an idea of using them in my mixed media here are 2 of the smallest ladders....

The Adventures of Packing Glass

this flower bouquet is on it's way to montreal to the Shayne Gallery....along with assorted glass bowls and can see a little of the process of packing glass to is my least favourite chore.....this is the one time when i can truly procrastinate....i imagine the ease of packing for textile artists or jewelers, although i am sure they have things i haven't thought of that they contend with ...

 this bouquet is 51" tall so you need big boxes....and you need to create thick walls and lots of padding...especially for a trip that far east......

cricket always like to sit on any paper that gets set on the floor.....even a little bit of  scrap is cute..!!

i am happy to be sending some larger work out there, it is the 1st time for anything this large, although i have been showing and selling my glass there for several years.....  lauren, the owner, really likes the bouquet...i will be sending smaller ones out in the next few weeks also!

what is your shipping process like?

Shine On

 i just love glass!!!! i am sharing a pic of "Ruby"....she is a beautiful prairie buffalo....bison to be totally correct...but i really like the word Indonesia there are many words like this...names like kalibukbuk....and words such as hati hati...this means "use caution"....but it is a fun way of saying it....hati hati when cutting glass, or you will be bleeding from super sharp glass cuts on your fingertips in no time!!!

 Here are a few new small dishes....there are fish, chicks and pineapples....the fish and pineapple have been long time motifs in my the top pic of tulips in my garden you will see a pineapple garden stake, from several years ago....this year the pineapples have made it into bowls and platters ....they are very bright and summery looking...i'll have more images of these as they come through the fusing process in the next few days.... 

 and then these bottom 2 pix....well, i just love colour, and coloured glass, and also the way the light shines through and adds a whole other dimension to the art bring me joy to see the colour just shining on through...hhhmmmmm.....yum...

Spring Fever Part 2

 ok,ok, i'm nearing the  end of my skull mania....of course there will be more skulls, but you'll have to come find me to see them!!! these ones are on sturdy steel stakes...perfect for getting deep into the ground to keep 'em steady in all weather...

 this is bit closer up...i like them, they make me feel happy, they are kinda like pals already, they feel like they have their own character...and great beautiful WHITE teeth...already 2 are leaving home to other gardens!!!

 a real close up of this dude, notice he's got a fang on one side...

these last 2 pix are bowls and little tiny dishes....using the same simple frit technique....they feel very fresh, very spring like to me...and 2 smaller ones are on clear glass, even more feels like it's time to lighten you will soon see when i launch my new website....but i always have BLACK in there somewhere, to ground me i always feels essential.....

Pretty Hanging Skulls (mostly)

ok, well i'm i said, with more skulls.....and just a little note for all you NON skull lovers, i have many other things on the go in my studio as bees!!!! ya know the buzzing bumbling humble little bee's that support our life on this planet??? and of course flowers....cause bees need 'em, and they are beautiful design imagery.......for now though, back to the skulls.....the 1st image is a pic i took TODAY, just outside my studio door.....with the new skull hangy things....they are definitely "el dia del muerte" mexican type skulls....i like the daisy eyes and i really like the idea of celebrating with your fave people who have moved on to other, i find these skulls quite happy and feel good, and as they slowly spin around the movement is quite entrancing..
the 2nd image is a shot from my journal/sketchbook.....this i did while traveling in borneo, malaysia.....and in that country the skulls are a whole different thing...although still involved in a belief system.....the tribal people were (many many many years ago) traditionally headhunters....yah, i said headhunters!!!! and the trophies from inter-tribal warfare were oftentimes skulls of the enemy.....and, they believed that the skulls had magical powers, the fresher they were the more powerful the magic!!!!! wild hey??

 .. ok, so, i am not an anthropologist, this is the just a little info i picked up from museums and books as we traveled through the country, .....most longhouses would no longer have skulls hanging from the ceiling...and it is most assuredly NOT still a custom.....the people are super friendly....not threatening at all, ha ha.....they also believed that beads had/have magical powers as well, more on that another time.....oh yah, i took the pic of the "real" skull in a musuem in borneo.....that's why it's blurry, you were NOT supposed to take pix in there!!! ssshhhhh   
check back again , lots more to cremation ceremonies in bali!! another celebration of death, to help the spirits move on to the new realm.......quite spectacular......embellishments galore!!!

New Images from the Spring Studio

oh yah, and in the 1st image, beside the skull, are these beautiful boxes, they are made from old javenese fishing boats, and i fell in love with them in bali....and would have brought whole shelves and cupboards made from these boats if i could it was, we were backpacking, and even these took up a bit of space.....and there is some weight to them also, being hardwood and all.....but i just LOVE the flaky paint and textured surface....the patina of life on the south china sea......and then some pix of my new is sooooo nice to see the glass fresh out of the kiln....all glossy and really yummy looking.....
i LOVE LOVE LOVE  my studio and i am soooo grateful to have this space, just for creating,......and to share a bit with ya'll now too.....  oh yah, i have no idea why the colour did not work around the flowers....BUT, i did get colour in the other areas....YAY!!!!  and i have no idea why some of  the text is underlined.......????? but i now see that it isn't anymore and i don't know why, ahhh well...... i have faith that i will learn these things....i think...