1st Ever Spring Show and Sale

 here are just a few pix from my 1st annual spring show!!! i had a GREAT  time! i just LOVE inviting people to my studio world....i work alone most of the time so it is really great to share my studio and my new work with so many people!! thank you all for coming to support me! i even have a video that i will learn to upload so that all of you who were unable to attend can have a virtual tour...next post maybe!

penelope's long shadow

garden stands
buddha and flowers
mini gems and 6 x 6 wall tiles
glass and mixed media

honey bee wall tile

pineapple bowl and fish bowl

Chickens and Eggs

peace chicken 12 x 12 wood panel

just a couple of the many new items you will see this weekend, june 18 and 19 at my 1st annual spring show and sale....  

glass tile on wood base 8 x 8

 and, yah , i know eggs come in many more neutral colours as well...buuuuut, i've seen enough "robin's egg" blue eggs to have that imprinted on my brain.... i LOVE blue eggs....and that's the only way i'm seeing 'em right now...and it's the same bee-you-ti-full colour as my van!!!! 

come by my studio on gabriola island for a visit if ya can, i'd love to seeeee you!!!