Juicy Pineapples inspired by Wild Borneo

i have had pineapples in my glass before...hanging pineapples and garden pineapples....that was a few year ago and i have been re-inspired to create pineapples again..well, after all, they are juicy and colourful, and i think they are kinda fun, like bananas (more later on the bananas).....with little pokey bits and exuberant green tops.....the big pineapple inspiration this year was in my travels to see friends in borneo!!!! no kidding, really.... far flung borneo....stu and rose have a groovy little farm, down by the river...and they are growing pineapples right there in the backyard!!! although backyard makes it sound so contained.... really it is miles of wilderness all around.....it is fenced though to keep out the water buffalo!!!! i love it....and ya know i love the water buffalo too! we even helped to plant some new little pineapples....and, on the 1st morning in our little cabin out in the wilds we had a fresh pineapple delivered right to our door (thanks stu)....how coooool is that???????? yes, you're right, it is totally cool...and super juicy!!! yummy...
sketchbook from travels

Artworks show
pineapple sculpture with steel frame

mini garden pineapples

detail of top

more garden stakes

Free 2 Roam Show Happenings

A few pix from my latest art show at Gabriola Artworks...opened Aug.4 and will be showing for a few weeks....if you're in the area stop by and have a look....lots of colour and characters.....the opening was fantastic...Gabriola crowds are always the best!!! and some friends, old and new from over on the big island also!! thanks so much to all for supporting the arts on our beautiful island!!! xoxo

center of the room display

Woof bowl and platter

chicks garden stakes

bee bowls

chicken totem pole "home to roost"

mixed media paintings

glass wall tiles on wood panel

Only 1 More Day

only 1 more day till my solo show opens at Gabriola Artworks....i am very excited....it is quite cool to finally compile all the work in one place, outside of my studio.....ya know, a space that is dedicated to showing art....and kathy at artworks is stellar at putting on a great show....it is always lots of fun...always a surprise to me to see the work in display...
pineapple bowl

 i leave kathy with boxes and sculptures and lots of work and arrive the next night to see it all transformed into a wonderful showcase of glass and painting.....

small 6 x 6 inch dishes

 the show will be up for much of august, so even if you can't make it to the opening you can check it out another time!!!!!!!!! these are just a few of the many many pieces of original art available....hope to see you there!

Mixed media painting

Bees, Clotheslines and Frit

Ok, so i have talked about frit before, it's crushed glass, and gives a different, kinda fuzzy look....and i think i have even showed some pix of the first bee work of this year....and now i have a bit more....well, actually A LOT more....but i am just sharing a bit right now...most of these glass bee pieces are in preparation for my upcoming Solo Show at Gabriola Artworks in a few weeks, on thursday Aug.4th to be exact!    and, as you can see, i have a little fascination with clotheslines....i really love clotheslines, and fresh clean clothes hanging from them.....that's the homebody in me for sure....
12 x 12 square glass

detail shot, glass 

 these last 3 pix are where it kinda all began for me last year, with bees....well, The Kerplunks have an awesome song called "honeybee" and we have a boat named "honeybee" and some of my closest friends are bee keepers.... and well, yah, i love bees and honey.....yummm!

so, yah, these last 3 are small bits from my mixed media, messy, play around, do whatever books....they are done with india ink and water colours....i like it when the ink kinda smears around the bees....i like smeary, messy stuff.....like life can be sometimes.....


 i was also reading a book at this time called "the secret life of bees" by sue monk kidd.....and, oh yah, i have a friend who is a stilt walker who dresses up like a bee!!! how cool is that??!! annnnnnd, my other friend gave me a funky bee charm, strung on a stretchy piece of purple cord!!! it is sweet sweet!! ahhh, gratitude.....xo

Goodbye Ruby Tuesday

"Ruby" in the meadow with wild daisies
Steel and Fused glass with lots of heart and soul

ahhhhh, dear sweet Ruby......i can honestly say that i cried as she went out the laneway on the way to her new home in sunny manitoba.....it was kinda surprising to me, the tears.....of course i am totally thrilled that she has found a new home on the great plains of this country.....where she truly belongs......she will feel right at home in the tall prairie grasses, with the extraordinary, perfectly blue, expansive prairie sky.....hmmmm.....i love the feel of the prairies myself.....i imagine the time when buffalo roamed in herds of 30,000 or more....absolutely amazing to contemplate this......ruby, sweet ruby....you have touched my heart in completely unexpected ways.... thank you for sharing some time with me here by the sea!!!