The Hive Emporium

"All that Glitters" art show on now at the Hive Emporium.

In case you didn't know, the Hive Emporium is the NEW gallery, located in the fabulous, former Gabriola Artworks site here on beautiful Gabriola Island!

These are just a few of the lovely offerings in the show.

There is ceramic art, jewelry and glass in this group show!

Plus sooooo much other amazing, cool, fun items in the gift shop.


You can go and SEE for yourself until Dec. 22nd!


While you're there, you can relax with a yummy cup of Ginger/Turmeric tea! mmmmmmmmmm


All that Glitters Show, Hive Emporium



All that Glitters Show, Hive Emporium



All that Glitters Show, Hive Emporium



All that Glitters Show, Hive Emporium



All that Glitters Show, Hive Emporium



All that Glitters Show, Hive Emporium



All that Glitters Show, Hive Emporium



All that Glitters Show, Hive Emporium



Gabriola Artworks Show 2013

This has been an amazing and FULL summer ! Wowza!! 

 I am excited to show you a few pix of my last show...this was the show I shared with the amazing artists Grant Leier and Sheila Norgate....
I am thrilled and honoured to be sharing the stage with these two artists as they have both been mentors and inspirations for me from early on in my art journey.
Kathy Ramsey, owner of Gabriola Artworks really outdid herself in setting up this show, the gallery looks splendid! ( show runs until September 5)
I will share pix of Sheila and Grant's work in a later post....this one is mainly showing you some of my very newest art creations! 
I am very grateful for the wonderful art supporters in this world. Thank YOU!

"Cordelia" daughter of the Sea, my fused glass whale!!...with new friends

The amazing band, my friends Tina Jones, Dinah D and Ode Howard, with Sheila Norgate painting behind.

another admirer of "Cordelia"

"Tapestry" the room divider screen

A wonderful supportive friend!

another wonderful supportive friend! she matches my art!

me and my guy....we co-created the glass screen! he did all the beautiful woodwork!

even more supportive friends, in support of Frida K too....we are standing behind the Frida K shrine I created!
Tapestry, fused glass room divider screen

Ancient Wisdom, fused glass Buffalo Skull

various glass pieces and lovely reflections

Frida Kahlo in mixed media, various sizes

Wisdom Bones, and Love Always Wins, mixed media on panel

"Cordelia" fused glass whale

Buffalo and whales, mixed media on panel

Pre Show Studio Pix

i wanted to share with you a few pix as i prepare for my show this weekend...only 1 more day to prepare....and i think i am ready!! wow....! yes, i will still be doing things tomorrow....there are always lots of little things to finish can take all day to do the little things!!

i hope to see you this weekend, June 2 and 3!

cricket got in on the last shot!

Egyptian Inspirations

it seems that Egypt has been floating around my consciousness for a while now and it has recently taken full all started when a good friend flew off to Egypt several months ago....well, actually it started earlier than that...i read a fantastic book last year, loaned to me by another good friend (so grateful for my girlfriends!!)....the book was called "The Mistress of Nothing" and it was set in Egypt in the 1800's....
20" dia. egypt bowl

most recently i have had very good customers (more gratitude!) come to my studio to see my newest work and they were looking for something with a bit of a feeling of Egypt....and so it was not much of a leap for me to intentionally head in that direction....i had been primed for it for a while is the 1st bowl in a series of work i am creating for them.....

egypt bowl detail

perhaps someday i will make it there Egypt that is....!!

Candy Apple Hearts

ok, so i know some people may think this looks a valentine's day blog post....however, i would like to say that being heart aware all through the year is the direction i wish to move......with open hearts we can make connections and grow and heal......although i've always made glass hearts i have not made them for a few years now....mainly because they were kinda fussy to make......hearts need a lot of care....

the other day i had a call from someone asking if i could make him 35 hearts....these are for a workshop he teaches about opening the heart....he wants all the participants to be able to hold a heart in their hand and to realize through actually holding a small heart in their hand how they can hold and support their own and anothers heart without clenching and gripping....

 the example is to hold your hand with the palm upward and all the fingers open, with the heart gently supported, instead of clenching.....i think it is a great exercise and another reminder of how we can open and glass hearts are not perfect, they are individuals with their own dents and soft spots and bruises, but still pumping and exuding they look as shiny as candy apples...yum!!

i'll be making them in all colours very soon!!!!!!!!!!!

Dreaming of India..Thank you India xoxo

 i've been thinking about india lately...not because i am planning to travel there any time soon....... i  will be starting on a commission piece of work with india as the inspiration.....and the people i am creating it for already love my work and my india influenced work from a few years back....i LOVE india, the colours and the celebration and sheer overwhelming stimulation of the place is amazing...i will return someday...this winter i will return through my art.....the women are hardworking and beautiful and the sadhu's or holy men are equally beautiful...more on this in the next post.....stay tuned......

sadhu detail

om bowl

Street Art and Theatre Fest

 i wanted to share with you a few pix of my stall at Street Art....this was an art show in conjunction with the Gabriola Theatre is an awesome festival....i saw 5 plays as well as showed my work on saturday and sunday....whew.....that was quite a weekend......

 i just has this display built...i like it a lot...for my paintings and also my glass wall worked great, and helped to define my space....

and i started selling groovy stir stix....they look the best in a clear drink, clear beverage inside clear glass vessel....and then the coloured stir stix look totally sexy!!!! G & T 's are my fave for the stir stix, but mineral water with a bit of fresh mint looks good too......yum!! thanks to all who came by to say up Arts on the Avenue in Ladysmith, on Sunday Aug.28th.....i have been asked to be the guest artist....i am honoured and will bring my best work to show!!! come by for a visit it you're in the area....