Sheila Norgate and Me!

ok, you know...i am having a show of my mixed media paintings at Sheila Norgate's new gallery....The Keep Calm and Carry on Gallery

and i am working on creating a few more pieces for this this is a little bit of my can scroll through the images and see the progression of the painting.....i really love this process....minute by minute.....impulse by is a very alive way of creating....!!!
this final piece will be in the show...exactly one week from today...Friday, Sept.21st opening and runs through Saturday Sept.22nd.....that's it....short and sweet....
applying mixed media with old recipe book pages and doilies

add china marker and some paint

add the painted horse

paint the horse a little bluer....make more marks, smudge some areas

outline the horse with black paint

change the horse completely to an image of wild horses, add more paint, more mark making

p.s. this idea of sharing the process is inspired by Sheila as well.....she has been an amazing mentor for me, and many others i am sure....i am super G R A T E F U L.....

Natural Inspirations

crab detail in glass bowl

mermaids in glass
guitars in glass
i am soooooo excited! these images are all close-up detail shots of a larger piece....i have been working and creating a body of work for my 10th annual solo show! coming up tomorrow!!! 
it is hard to believe it has been 10 years! that is definitely the biggest commitment i have made to anything work related in my life...and i am totally loving what i do! 
on the other hand, so much has happened in the last 10 years it is kinda hard to believe it has only been a decade.....
i have not always been a creative person and i am very grateful for this amazing creative life i have now......

Mess Making, Mark Making.....Playing...

i love playing with paint.....generally making a mess and smearing paint around.....and i am really loving yellow and pink....and just kinda messy, smudged looking paint and pleases me immensely.....

some of the artists that i love, who all know how to play, and all happen to be women, and i am happy to say that they are all friends of mine!!!.....check them will likely see some similarities between us all and do also notice all the ways that we differ.....we all have our own voice shining through....all from a female perspective....

Sheila Norgate

Nixie Barton

Caroline James

Carole Reid

as well.....coming up in September, opening on the 21st, i will be having my 1st ever solo show of paintings only....NO GLASS ALLOWED!!! ha will be at Norgate Gallery on Gabriola Island......sheila and i will also be doing a talk on September 22nd as part of the show...lots more to come on that

first up though is a glass and mixed media show at Gabriola Artworks on 10th Annual Solo Show!!! woohoo!!! think bears and all manner of wildness.....

Pre Show Studio Pix

i wanted to share with you a few pix as i prepare for my show this weekend...only 1 more day to prepare....and i think i am ready!! wow....! yes, i will still be doing things tomorrow....there are always lots of little things to finish can take all day to do the little things!!

i hope to see you this weekend, June 2 and 3!

cricket got in on the last shot!

My Worktable Tonight and A School of Fish

it is amazing how cluttered and messy my work table can get, especially as i get ready for a show like i am now.....june 2nd and to see you...

i start off with a large, 4 feet x 8 feet surface and slowly slowly over days and weeks the edges start to come in on me.....till i only have less than 2 sq ft to actually work in......ahhhhh....time to make some room.....

i can't b r e a t h e in here anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

does this happen to you other creative types?
worktable and fish ready to fuse

i will show you some pix of these fish when they are fused and looking wavy and alive....

Arts on the Avenue Show

so, as you may know, i was down to the Arts on the Avenue show at Ladysmith last weekend
it is a nice art show, with some really great art. i was invited to be the guest artist and had a 20 x 20 covered area to inhabit for the hey?? 

 i only had 1 1/2 hours to set up so i was grateful to have 3 helpers for most of that was a rush for put on a full glass show in that short of time is crazy!!! but we did it....i had amazing help at home on gabriola to get me started... thanks to kathy ramsey!! gallery owner extraordinaire.... and i also had some great display stands built by my guy....yay!!!

 the volunteers were helpful and friendly.... kathy, rita, claudio, rod, wendy, mimi (love that name)...thanks to all of you...and it was a big crowd, with some real art appreciators.....thank you Ladysmith!!

3 piece screen
reflection of screen on asphalt

i love the reflection that glass makes.....

up next, studio tour in october, right here in my own studio.....but 1st??? a nice little camping trip and some relaxin' time....oh yah......and more painting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only 1 More Day

only 1 more day till my solo show opens at Gabriola Artworks....i am very is quite cool to finally compile all the work in one place, outside of my studio.....ya know, a space that is dedicated to showing art....and kathy at artworks is stellar at putting on a great is always lots of fun...always a surprise to me to see the work in display...
pineapple bowl

 i leave kathy with boxes and sculptures and lots of work and arrive the next night to see it all transformed into a wonderful showcase of glass and painting.....

small 6 x 6 inch dishes

 the show will be up for much of august, so even if you can't make it to the opening you can check it out another time!!!!!!!!! these are just a few of the many many pieces of original art available....hope to see you there!

Mixed media painting

A Few New Faces!!!

hey everyone!!! i wanted to introduce you to some of my new pals....they've been hanging around my studio a lot in the last little while....but i am going to take them out to a show this thursday, aug.4th....right here on gabriola island, @ gabriola artworks....this is of course, my art show....and these little faces belong to a few of my newest creations.....i've kinda been all over the map this year with ideas and work....but it's all connected, at least from my perspective....aaaaaand, i have been having a real good time in my studio!!! i LOVE creating in my wonderful amazing studio space!
Close up, Jolene

 and, i absolutely, totally LOVE sharing all of my creations with all of come on by and have a look, meet some new friends...and have a fun ole time!!!!

top chicken on totem pole

Bali Dawgs and other Scribbles

ya'll will be seeing a bit more of me this week, on the blog that least that's my plan.....since i have a solo show coming up at Gabriola Artworks in less than a week, on aug.4th, so i want to get the word out.....artworks shows are always a great time....the fabulous Dinah D will be there to entertain and keep things lively with her awesome singing and playing.....the drinks will flow and the glass will glitter....and there will be a few paintings as well.....

india ink dog and friends

 these ink and watercolour drawings were done in bali this winter.....dogs, dogs, dogs.....bali dogs specifically......or, my version of them....and they are an inspiration for my you will see at my least one large glass dog, and maybe puppies too....

dogs added to journal

as you can see, i cut out the dogs from the first paper and glued them into my journal and scribbled and painted all around was fun....try it sometime, it's amazing how liberating scribbling can be....i LOVE it.....i am digging messy and kinda weird and absolutely totally not symmetrical.....

Chickens and Eggs

peace chicken 12 x 12 wood panel

just a couple of the many new items you will see this weekend, june 18 and 19 at my 1st annual spring show and sale....  

glass tile on wood base 8 x 8

 and, yah , i know eggs come in many more neutral colours as well...buuuuut, i've seen enough "robin's egg" blue eggs to have that imprinted on my brain.... i LOVE blue eggs....and that's the only way i'm seeing 'em right now...and it's the same bee-you-ti-full colour as my van!!!! 

come by my studio on gabriola island for a visit if ya can, i'd love to seeeee you!!!