Bees, Clotheslines and Frit

Ok, so i have talked about frit before, it's crushed glass, and gives a different, kinda fuzzy look....and i think i have even showed some pix of the first bee work of this year....and now i have a bit more....well, actually A LOT more....but i am just sharing a bit right now...most of these glass bee pieces are in preparation for my upcoming Solo Show at Gabriola Artworks in a few weeks, on thursday Aug.4th to be exact!    and, as you can see, i have a little fascination with clotheslines....i really love clotheslines, and fresh clean clothes hanging from them.....that's the homebody in me for sure....
12 x 12 square glass

detail shot, glass 

 these last 3 pix are where it kinda all began for me last year, with bees....well, The Kerplunks have an awesome song called "honeybee" and we have a boat named "honeybee" and some of my closest friends are bee keepers.... and well, yah, i love bees and honey.....yummm!

so, yah, these last 3 are small bits from my mixed media, messy, play around, do whatever books....they are done with india ink and water colours....i like it when the ink kinda smears around the bees....i like smeary, messy life can be sometimes.....


 i was also reading a book at this time called "the secret life of bees" by sue monk kidd.....and, oh yah, i have a friend who is a stilt walker who dresses up like a bee!!! how cool is that??!! annnnnnd, my other friend gave me a funky bee charm, strung on a stretchy piece of purple cord!!! it is sweet sweet!! ahhh, gratitude.....xo