The Elephant in the Garden (part 2)

I am very excited to finally share these pix with you ALL!

Lord Ganesha project completed and safely ensconced in his new hOMe.



Fused glass and steel Ganesha and us in our home.


It took me a bit of time to go through and gather the images and do the editing. I have had many projects leaving my studio in the last while and taking the time to post about them and share the details takes time!


Lord Ganesha was honoured and welcomed into his new garden home in a beautiful Puja (prayer) ceremony that included the pouring of milk, water, sandalwood paste over the form of the fused glass and steel Ganesha sculpture.


You can see and read more about the ceremony with Pandit Tejomaya at Yoga Sadhana Mandir here.

I am grateful and honoured to have been asked to create this powerful symbol in fused glass and welded steel. Ganesha is known as the remover of obstacles

We have been connected to Ganesha ever since we went to India several years ago, where he is revered as a Lord.

Om Ganapataya Namaha



Steel and fused glass Ganesh with Cricket Cat!


Detail pic of beautiful metal work and face detail.


Lord Ganesha's consort, a mouse.


Just me and Lord Ganesha in our home, before he leaves for his new home at Yoga Sadhana Mandir.



Ganesha in his new garden home at Yoga Sadhana Mandir.


Pandit Tejomaya and my metalworker and partner Ode Howard and me in the temple garden after the puja ceremony.



Things I Like # 1 and # 2

WoW!!!! it is now 2012! i am excited to be back in my studio after a little time out doing other's always fun to take a little break and then jump back into i have been cleaning and re-arranging my studio for the next few winter my studio this season is a little bit slower.....and i have more time to play experiment more than usual..... these pieces were done in my house over the holiday season....with the things i love all around me.....hence these 2 pages from my playbook.....they may or may not be finished.....time will tell if i feel the urge to add something....#1 feels a little empty on the left to could be cropped....

i find that i am very influenced by what i see right around me.....and i LOVE drawing with india can't really correct it, so my funky drawings stay just makes it very fun for me....i like splotchy and uneven lines....and then smears of paint to add some colour.....these were done in my mixed media is NOT a sketch book....i really need to create a new easy name for my messy, experimental, experiential mixed media anything goes book.....any ideas are welcome....!!!

Colourful Crows and Finding Home

Finding Home 3' x 4'  mixed media on canvas

crows have appeared in my work again this year....and of course they are a constant in my life....crows are very adaptable and extremely clever so i think everyone can relate to the crow....crows are a relatively new addition to my work, in the last couple of years....i have long been inspired by them, however i have been reluctant to use the imagery in my work...partly because 2 of my fave artists, Grant Leier and Sheila Norgate have been using these images in their work for some time now....however, on good advice from them, i have discovered that all images are up for just have to take it and make it your own...put your own unique twist on it, as only you can do....if it's calling to you, don't resist...

Crows  16" square glass

and so, this is what i do.....i actually made steel and glass sculptural crows last year...they were funky...i'll post a pic of them next time....

Happy Spring Bees and Flowers

Coming up soon, next weekend in fact! june 18 and 19..... my 1st annual  Spring Show and Sale...just under the wire to be a spring show!!!!
8 x 8 mixed media on panel

 I am busy as a bee these days.....whew!!! annnnd, i LOVE seeing and hearing sooo many bees around lately...this makes me very happy...they are buzzzzzing around my kale plants that have totally gone to flower cause i have been soooooooooooo consumed with other things!!!! still, i am eating kale every day..i LOVE it....and have been reluctant to cut back the plants because the bees are so happy there....the kale are like small trees right now, as tall as me!!!!!!!!!!!!

sketchbook tulips...5 minute painting

 and earlier this spring we had bright red tulips all over....big bursts of colour! awesome to see, they had huge flowers on them...just so full of life....the 1st time for me to have tulips in my garden....although "garden" suggests that there is some tending going on....lush jungle would be more accurate...good thing i like things on the wild side....

detail of bee bowl, brand new 20" diameter

more bees in glass, on wood and a variety of combinations, as you've seen on other posts....i find that when the imagery really feels right it will appear and reappear for years to fish, and leaves, flowers and fruit, even vegetables....  i liked dill pickle wind chimes the best, haven't made them for a while, maybe because i have not canned up real edible dill pickles for a long while either...buffalo, horses, birds, chickens, eggs.....bees are one of my favourite little beings right now.....

Chicks Rule and Much More.......

12" x 12" mixed media on panel

well, apparently i am back at square one figuring out how to do this colour thing....since i got a new old laptop was seriously under-rammed, so doing pretty well anything on the computer took sooooooo long.....but alas, i must learn a new system, cause i bought a mac.....recommended by 3 super talented, artsy friends of's a whole new world for sure.....

 anyway, as you can see, i am cooking up chickens in my kiln ....lots of 'em bowls, platters, teeny tiny little friendship gems, and also, sculptural pieces as shown below....i have not named her yet....i'm thinking something like "betsy"....................she has 3 blue eggs she's about to lay.....                 

and then, 2 of my images have just arghhhhh......moving on, the next image is a tiny little mixed media piece....this piece describes me perfectly...."homebody".....i love my little home and studio tucked away in the forest.....and  the next pic is this great little vintage chair that i bought at a garage sale last weekend....and i just LOVE it....stacked on it are colourful jars of glass frit...this is crushed glass...and i will show you the little gems that i made with frit next time....and then next up is another shot of of a chicken bowl....the flowers beside it were given to me by a good good friend of mine.....and the little pitcher the flowers are in is one that i made when i took a glassblowing workshop several years ago.....and then i discovered fusing, a perfect fit for my personality.. .....and now i am discovering mixed media......yay, i love them both, and they are sooo different (more on that in another post)........but the same sensiblities come through, colours and imagery i am attracted you will see when i figure out how to do this again and can post more paintings...... 


new chair and jars of frit
"home body"  6" x 6" wood panel 

so, yah, i am finding this blogging and mac computer stuff much more difficult and technical than glass fusing, which is actually quite technical in itself......but i am determined to learn this cause i am really loving sharing with you all in this way...especially my mixed media pieces coming post....stay tuned