One World, Atlas Affair Jan.30!

This Saturday, Jan.30th! The highly anticipated Gabriola Arts Council Atlas Affair event happens.

Last fall the Gabriola Arts Council gave participating island artists a map or atlas as inspiration to create an artwork for this show.

I didn't have an idea for this until late December.

I was finishing up orders and wrapping up my year end. I didn't have any creative brain power for a new project with a theme at that time. I did have an idea that perhaps a signpost would work with the theme of maps.

I gave myself time and space and in early January and I started making the glass signs you see below.

Shortly after I made the first few signs I knew that it could work and Ode started to make the steel post. I ordered super strong rare earth magnets (from Lee Valley) to hold the glass to the steel.

This way the piece can be easily moved, and the signs are interchangeable. I think that makes it kinda FUN.

Our piece will be one of many original ART works to be auctioned at the event! It is exciting and fun. Last year sold out, so get your tix NOW!

Hope to SEE you there!



Us and our Path to an Inspired Life, steel and glass sculpture



Path to an Inspired Life, steel and glass sculpture



Path to an Inspired Life, steel and glass sculpture


Path to an Inspired Life, steel and glass sculpture



The Hive Emporium

"All that Glitters" art show on now at the Hive Emporium.

In case you didn't know, the Hive Emporium is the NEW gallery, located in the fabulous, former Gabriola Artworks site here on beautiful Gabriola Island!

These are just a few of the lovely offerings in the show.

There is ceramic art, jewelry and glass in this group show!

Plus sooooo much other amazing, cool, fun items in the gift shop.


You can go and SEE for yourself until Dec. 22nd!


While you're there, you can relax with a yummy cup of Ginger/Turmeric tea! mmmmmmmmmm


All that Glitters Show, Hive Emporium



All that Glitters Show, Hive Emporium



All that Glitters Show, Hive Emporium



All that Glitters Show, Hive Emporium



All that Glitters Show, Hive Emporium



All that Glitters Show, Hive Emporium



All that Glitters Show, Hive Emporium



All that Glitters Show, Hive Emporium



Glass Flowers + Glass Trees!

We recently did a quick trip down to Victoria, to the West End Gallery.

For a timely delivery of seasonal spirit and love.


Fused Glass Christmas Trees


As you can see I created some tabletop fused glass trees.

The idea for small trees has been in my mind for awhile...I made one awhile I created 2 more. They look great solo and in a grouping.

By small I mean about 24" tall with a round steel base. Very sturdy and balanced. For a tabletop or windowsill.

I LOVE trees. They are special to me every day of the year.

It is fun to honour them, in the spirit of this season.

Trees are always, in ALL WAYS revered in my world.


Fused glass flowers and christmas trees, Spirit trees


The trees and poinsettias will be showing at the West End Gallery, Victoria and Edmonton.


Delivery day of fused glass poinsettias flowers and fused glass christmas trees


We also snapped a couple of pix of my Totems and other sculptures in the front window!! of the gallery when we were there.


Fused glass Totems and sculptures at the West End Gallery, Victoria B.C.


Thank YOU West End Gallery for creating such beautiful galleries to show (and sell!) my work.


Fused glass totems and sculptural pieces at west end gallery, victoria



Spirit Bear travels the Salish Sea

  Honey Bear at home with us still, in the late day light. Her and her shadow.


Our recent epic road trip began on a late night ferry off of our home island of Gabriola.

We traveled up Vancouver Island and camped out on a rocky seashore. Went for a lovely warm swim at 7:30!!! a.m.....a time when I am not even usually awake when I am at home.

Then we headed for the fabulous Filberg Festival in Comox. It is definitely a cool (although it was HOT that day) outdoor, seaside venue filled with amazing ART! And live music. Super sweet and inspiring.

After that we went to the ferry that would take us across the Salish Sea to Powell River and the Sunshine Coast. BEEyoutiful ferry crossing. It was the 2nd of what would be 6 ferry crossings on our epic 3 day road trip.

We arrived further down the Sunshine Coast (sounds like a nice place hey? it is) to Honey Bear's NEW home!


She is now dwelling in a lush, exotic garden setting within a natural forest opening. So perfect for her.

She is in good company, with some familiar friends already there. Several garden fish, Mirabelle Whale glass sculpture (you may remember her from last year) and a Tyee Salmon sculpture all from my studio. Plus the bountiful garden flowers you see in these images.

It was easy to leave her in her new surroundings, with so much love and care.

So long my dear bear friend.



"Honey Bear" with one of her creators, the metal worker, Ode Howard.



Me and my Honey Bear, fused glass and steel sculpture.



Fused glass flowers, already installed from a previous purchase by this collector. Nice home!



School of  my fused glass colourful garden fish, already living in Honey Bear's new home.



Another shot of the fused glass garden fish. Gorgeous garden for them.


With Gratitude. xoxo

The Elephant in the Garden (part 2)

I am very excited to finally share these pix with you ALL!

Lord Ganesha project completed and safely ensconced in his new hOMe.



Fused glass and steel Ganesha and us in our home.


It took me a bit of time to go through and gather the images and do the editing. I have had many projects leaving my studio in the last while and taking the time to post about them and share the details takes time!


Lord Ganesha was honoured and welcomed into his new garden home in a beautiful Puja (prayer) ceremony that included the pouring of milk, water, sandalwood paste over the form of the fused glass and steel Ganesha sculpture.


You can see and read more about the ceremony with Pandit Tejomaya at Yoga Sadhana Mandir here.

I am grateful and honoured to have been asked to create this powerful symbol in fused glass and welded steel. Ganesha is known as the remover of obstacles

We have been connected to Ganesha ever since we went to India several years ago, where he is revered as a Lord.

Om Ganapataya Namaha



Steel and fused glass Ganesh with Cricket Cat!


Detail pic of beautiful metal work and face detail.


Lord Ganesha's consort, a mouse.


Just me and Lord Ganesha in our home, before he leaves for his new home at Yoga Sadhana Mandir.



Ganesha in his new garden home at Yoga Sadhana Mandir.


Pandit Tejomaya and my metalworker and partner Ode Howard and me in the temple garden after the puja ceremony.