Frida Kahlo returns in Glass and Mixed Media

Frida Kahlo imagery in fused glass and mixed media

more Frida Kahlo in fused glass

Frida is an ongoing presence in my studio....with many other characters such as sacred salmon, bears, trees, crows, ravens, buffalo, horses and even, for the 1st time....Caribou!! exciting wild times around here....and wild little Cricket...who likes to sit on the paint palette...luckily it was dry paint by then.....

Cricket Cat sitting on paint was dry

All Sacred

Pinterest is a Visual Feast

Ok, so I have finally gone exploring on is the link to My Pinterest page

in case you don't know...Pinterest is a .....hmmmm.....not sure how to describe's kind of like a place to collect and share all of your interests in a visual can be a curator of your very own art gallery.....ya kinda have to see it to understand.....

my Pinterest image

so, yah....i am just starting out and i am finding sooooo many groovy images to share and be inspired by.....check it out if you are looking for a visual feast....