Fresh Paint! New White Studio Walls....

So, I finally did it....something I've been thinking about for 3 years.....I painted the walls in my studio white! I know for some people this would be a no brainer, but I love my colours.....

and yes, painting it all white was kind of took me some time to feel comfortable with the changes.....

the colours of the walls in the past were orange, aquamarine, deep yellow.....

so yes, much more intense in the past....I loved the richness of the colours....I loved working in and being with those colours...very warm and welcoming.

however! it was time for a major out every corner and away loads of old glass scraps to new fusers and mosaic artists....whew....that felt good.

and finally, to lighten and brighten the whole place up with fresh paint....I warmed up the white a bit, into a creamy white....I wouldn't have been able to have a cool white as a working space.....brrrrr!

I wanted to give my art, especially my paintings every chance to really be seen, since they are a newer medium for me.  My glass often dominates the scene, and rightly so as this is still my main creative pursuit. It will be extra easy to show glass in space now too...which I have known all along.

the bold sexy colour is now found only in the art...not painted onto the actual walls.

I LOVE my studio, I have huge gratitude for this space.

Fresh white paint, messy cupboards!

White wall, it was once yellow

by the door....

glass and paintings, with white wall

by my glass working area

small glass grinder, white wall

a few of my fave artists, up high over my cutting table

another corner

the far wall