My Skeletons and Bodyworkers

 i see an amazing woman by the name of Marina Pianosi for bodywork in the form of Feldenkrais and Cranial sacral and just overall healing.....and learning to let my body R E L A X......

6" x 6" "love me 2 times"
it is a new concept for me, i think i have spent so many years of my life with extra tensions in my body that it has become the norm for i am in the process of re-learning how to just "be" in my body....and marina and her talk of the skeleton to support us has been resonating with me....

6"x6"" It's a Practice, Letting go"

during my last show Marina bought these little mixed media paintings to hang in her Physiotherapy office!!! so cool!! 

6"x6" "It's ok to relax"
Thank you Marina, for your amazing sensitive touch, your love of skeletons and your support of my art!

6" x6" 2 B Peaceful"

6"x6" "Getting Unstuck"