New Bliss Creations! (Colour rocks my world)

Summer days are slowly winding down....


I've had an unusual summer this year. Partly because of being laid up physically in a way that I am not used to being.

And also because I consciously chose to not do any shows this summer at all, which is rare for me. I LOVE having shows and being part of art shows.

This year though, I needed time to recalibrate and reassess what is really important to me.

I want to really begin to embody that changes that I have been asking for,

To S L O W things down. "Things" meaning my life in general. My mind. My being.


To  S L O W down the pace of my life.


To S L O W my pace.

To enJOY the moments. To celebrate tiny things.


Colourful Fused Glass Fish


It all begins in the mind. This "slowing down" process.


And now is the time to embody my new beliefs. To pull them fully into my being. Yes, slowly for sure.

AND things have changed for me.


Donkey and Cat, fused glass for the garden.


Peeps will likely still think I have been creating prolifically.

I know that it is not nearly so much, and not at all from the same "driven" mindset, approval seeking mindset.

Feels very good. Now the challenge will BEE to keep these new found ways when things do become "busier".


It's happening. And all is well.



Exuberant Bouquets = Bliss. Fused glass sculptures