A New Look (feels like hOMe)

Tammy Hudgeon biz cards

Rack Cards by Eikcam
I am LOVING my new biz cards and rack cards! This time around the space for mixed media work is equal to the glass! This feels very holistic and cohesive to me.
It is awesome to work with a designer who really gets me, who understands how I want to show myself in the world...especially because I am not going to take the time to learn all the skills to do graphic design myself.
And it very definitely is an ART form.
I am grateful to work with Grace Lee, now Grace Geisbrecht. I send her my images,  she requests various doodles and drippy ink bits from me and transforms all of the pieces into these beautiful and funky designs. Very ME! 
You can see some of her many creative offerings here @  Eikcam 
Grace is one of those amazing multi talented people who beautifully works and plays all angles of creativity, and she is a new Mom to boot! 
Amazing Grace....thank YOU