Dog in Tree (window commission)

This post shows a series of images of one of my most recent installation commissions. The client is a gallery owner, from White Dog Studio Gallery in beautiful Whistler B.C.

She was a very gracious client, and knows my work well, since she represents me in her gallery. She knows I love blue trees and she likes my style.

Her requests were for a blue tree, to represent the tree that this new coloured window would be removing from view. She wanted privacy on the lower part of her window, since that part of the view was of the neighbours doorway. I totally get that part, since I live in a very private place myself.

 Also requested was an image of her beloved dog Luna in the piece somewhere.


Luna is a fluffy white Samoyed dog. The client didn't ask for the dog to be standing on a tree branch.  That was my idea! Also requested was some hearts, which I put in to represent leaves hanging from the tree.  And a stylized mountain or two, since she lives and loves in the mountains.

It fit into the window opening beautifully, and it even lined up with the real life tree in the view, as you can see in the 3rd image below.

There are infinite opportunities to use custom glass to fit most any shape or size a person could want.


Dream on there room in your life for a custom glass project?


Fused Glass Window Commission 36"x39"


Looking down!


After the installation


Close-up of Luna Dog detail


Birds and hearts in fused glass.


First glass pieces going into place.