Blessings to YOU

Hey gorgeous you....

I find winter Solstice is a wonderful time to retreat.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to have an offline, off grid, by the seashore in a rustic cabin getaway.

It feels very natural to me to SLOW down during these dark days of winter's arrival.

I do however, have a few walk, to breath, to play, to get quiet with my loved ones, to connect with nature.

And maybe, just maybe...if there is FLOW and no pressure I may dive into my new Leonie Dawson "Shining Year in Biz 2016" workbook!

Meanwhile, beauteous are a few of my spirited friends to keep you company. They are filled with as much spirit and love as you would find if you visited my studio.

With so much gratitude.

EnJOY your season, however it plays out for you.


Red Coyote Mixed media painting


Soft and Gentle Donkey mixed media painting


Contemplative Cat, mixed media painting


Turquoise Buffalo and bird friend


The Wayfarer


Kindred Spirits, mixed media painting


p.s. stay tuned in the New Year for new opportunities to connect with my paintings! I plan to offer cards, prints, buttons, pencil cases and pillow slips! you will be able to cozy up to a soft and loveable donkey pillow!

Furry Friends ( i love u)

I have finally allowed myself the time to  PLAY with PAINT! yay! it is a really nice counter balance to creating with fused glass....all of these animals emerged in the last few weeks....I love seeing them all over in my feels like I have friends all around.... 
As I write this our real life kitty is climbing and clawing her way ALL over me!
El Gato, mixed media on panel

Blue Horse, mixed media on canvas

2 horses, side by side

Happy Hen, mixed media on panel

Dancing Chicken mixed media on panel

Horse, on canvas

Thoughtful Cat on canvas