Happy New Beginnings (less work, more creativity)

This New Years eve, this 2013 to 2014 time feels very potent to me with new beginnings.
I think partly because I chose to opt out of the busyness that this season often brings, I did a silent retreat for a week and this felt very empowering to me.
I am seeing and feeling the spaciousness of doing very little.....whew!....this has been quite a relief. I had no idea how strongly I have been desiring this blessed break, and my desire "to do" nothing!
 I guess I didn't realize just how "caught" up in everything I have been....even though my life is quite simple in comparison to many....still, living a passionate creative life, with creating, marketing, promoting, sharing and selling my creative offerings can take its toll after a decade plus of really working super hard. 
I do LOVE what I do, I am immensely grateful for the amazing opportunities in my life. 
however, I have been learning new skills of SLOWING down, and finding myself 
right here, right now 
much more often as a result.
I have an intention for the coming year of actually managing my creative life, rather than it managing ME! it can be difficult when there are so many things I want to create!
I believe working less, or with a different, more spacious mind set will help me be even 
more creative.
How about you?