Colour Play

 i am back in my studio today!!..... and i usually need some time to warm up before i really get cooking, literally.... after being away......
Assorted playtime on paper

However, since i was playing with colour and design while i was away i was totally ready to create the following glass piece with a is the time of year for tree frogs here on the west coast, and you can hear them croaking all through the night.....i love going to sleep with the sound of frogs in the background!!

Happy Dancing Tree Frog Platter

this glass piece is a donation for an upcoming event.......when i posted the 2 pix i could really see how the paint and paper and glass work inform each other and enhance what i can express......sweet.....

Even More BEES Please!

sketchbook page my sketchbook shows many things of my life...including giant bees, no kidding....i saw bees as big as small hummingbirds in indonesia this past winter.....luckily they did not seem to sting....
6 x 6 inch glass dish

and i have been digging the whole bee scene for awhile now....since last year for sure....we have a boat named "honeybee" and then my talented friends with a kid's band called "The Kerplunks" wrote a song called's a great little tune....

glass and mixed media painting

this pic above shows 3 versions of something quite similar...the first dish is a fused glass piece...all 100% pure glass, and then beside that is a fused glass tile mounted onto painted wood, and the 3rd in line is mixed media paint on wood panel....the same sentiment runs through them all....Bee True.....i feel this is important, most especially to yourself....

all glass various sizes

.....Bee Gentle....again, most especially with your self....and of course....bee cool and bee wild!!!!!!! yay!!

More Bees Please

8" x 8" mixed media on wood

just like the painting says..."more bees please"....there are less of them in our world right now, so our little worker bees are more precious than ever....and, visually, i LOVE  the graphic contrast of yellow and black strips....bzzzzzzzz