Beach Painted Driftwood and Jeff Molloy

this is just a short little post....many of us know the fun things you can do with paint and driftwood on the beach! although i really do love the look and feel of sea washed driftwood i was recently at a beach that had an overabundance of silver gray driftwood set within the natural temperate rainforest colours....soft grays and a million shades of green... subtle ya know? and i decided to play....this is lightly inspired (i say "lightly" because jeff's spirit poles are robust 6 feet tall pieces wrapped in encaustic and burlap and covered in paint!)  by a friend and amazingly  talented artist Jeff Molloy....he makes the most fabulous found art pieces out of driftwood and encaustic....and one of the smaller things he makes are "spirit poles"....he also makes huge encaustic installations and he is a fantastic painter...check him out, he is super talented and accomplished....and about to have a one man show in Toronto.....go Jeff!!