Spring Fever: Part 1

 This sign that says "All Kinds of Skulleton"..this was from bali....i loved the word skulleton....and in front of the shop was a huge pile of carved wooden skulls!!! it was early and they were still covered with a tarp and i did not get a pic (still kicking myself over that one)...but they looked really cool....this was in an area where everyone is a wood carver....so i decided to make a skulleton bowl, cause i really like the hanging skulls, and garden stake skulls, i don't find these skulls menacing at all, they are more in the spirit of the mexican celebration type skulls, so, ya know, a fiesta bowl!! .....i also liked the fresh spring look of the frit (crushed glass) on the white glass background so i carried on with other imagery as well....leaves, flowers, hearts have been appearing in my work for quite a while now....the bees and the blue  eggs just appeared last year.....and of course, along with eggs come chickens....which i will be sharing in my next post....many mixed media pieces with free range chicks....and also, a super groovy glass chicken....she's just in the oven right now, ready to come to life....i don't actually cook any chickens in my kiln of course, or even in my oven....being a veg type gal and all.....! chickens are not new in my glass work either, they go back a few years for sure.....i still like 'em...they are funny, funky birds...

Pretty Hanging Skulls (mostly)

ok, well i'm back....like i said, with more skulls.....and just a little note for all you NON skull lovers, i have many other things on the go in my studio as well.....like bees!!!! ya know the buzzing bumbling humble little bee's that support our life on this planet??? and of course flowers....cause bees need 'em, and they are beautiful design imagery.......for now though, back to the skulls.....the 1st image is a pic i took TODAY, just outside my studio door.....with the new skull hangy things....they are definitely "el dia del muerte" mexican type skulls....i like the daisy eyes and i really like the idea of celebrating with your fave people who have moved on to other realms....so, i find these skulls quite happy and feel good, and as they slowly spin around the movement is quite entrancing..
the 2nd image is a shot from my journal/sketchbook.....this i did while traveling in borneo, malaysia.....and in that country the skulls are a whole different thing...although still involved in a belief system.....the tribal people were (many many many years ago) traditionally headhunters....yah, i said headhunters!!!! and the trophies from inter-tribal warfare were oftentimes skulls of the enemy.....and, they believed that the skulls had magical powers, the fresher they were the more powerful the magic!!!!! wild hey??

 .. ok, so, i am not an anthropologist, this is the just a little info i picked up from museums and books as we traveled through the country, .....most longhouses would no longer have skulls hanging from the ceiling...and it is most assuredly NOT still a custom.....the people are super friendly....not threatening at all, ha ha.....they also believed that beads had/have magical powers as well, more on that another time.....oh yah, i took the pic of the "real" skull in a musuem in borneo.....that's why it's blurry, you were NOT supposed to take pix in there!!! ssshhhhh   
check back again , lots more to come....like cremation ceremonies in bali!! another celebration of death, to help the spirits move on to the new realm.......quite spectacular......embellishments galore!!!