Sharing Space (with a glass Orca)

What does a commission process look like?


Initial drawing in watercolour  for fused glass commission


As you may know from seeing previous posts here I have been happily and excitedly working on a fused glass commission piece for a sea side home.

The overall panel, divided into 3 segments, is framed in steel, and measures 23" tall by 68" long.


Assembled cut sheet glass with powders and frits ready to fuse in glass kiln.


These pix show some of the process as I play with the orca imagery in paint, felt pen. I also created with orca imagery in a couple of trial size fused glass panels you can see here.


2 Side panels of fused glass commission ready to go in the kiln for fusing.


This process developed over the space of a few months.

Sometimes large commissions can take several months from start to finish, depending on how busy my studio is and what is the timeline for the project.   Sometimes it waits for a renovation to be completed, or a new house to be finished.


Side panel with seaweed and waves in glass ready to fuse in kiln.


I like to have time to mull things over, for the project to have some breathing room in my head before it takes life in glass, wood or steel.  I am fast "muller" at times also. It is variable.


Fully fused main panel in fused glass orca whale commission piece. 24"x18"


“May what I do flow from me like a river, no forcing and no holding back, the way it is with children.” ― Rainer Maria Rilke

I love it when a project FLOWS like this one did. Stay tuned for pix of the finished piece on my next post!


Creating a Commission Piece (the process)

I just delivered this large commission to a new home in the BIG city a couple of weeks ago! It was a pretty cool project to work are a few pix of the process...this project took several months from the 1st time the client contacted me to when the piece was successfully installed. I do not have any images of the full install, just the day we delivered....the piece was eventually supported off the floor in the opening, you will have to use your imagination.
I am very happy to have completion on this one!
cartoon of idea

starting to cut the glass
pre fusing with  powders showing
the whole panel on my glass table
my woodworker, Ode Howard
staining the wood framework
in my studio with Cricket Cat

being held in the location of installation

me and the glass panel