One World, Atlas Affair Jan.30!

This Saturday, Jan.30th! The highly anticipated Gabriola Arts Council Atlas Affair event happens.

Last fall the Gabriola Arts Council gave participating island artists a map or atlas as inspiration to create an artwork for this show.

I didn't have an idea for this until late December.

I was finishing up orders and wrapping up my year end. I didn't have any creative brain power for a new project with a theme at that time. I did have an idea that perhaps a signpost would work with the theme of maps.

I gave myself time and space and in early January and I started making the glass signs you see below.

Shortly after I made the first few signs I knew that it could work and Ode started to make the steel post. I ordered super strong rare earth magnets (from Lee Valley) to hold the glass to the steel.

This way the piece can be easily moved, and the signs are interchangeable. I think that makes it kinda FUN.

Our piece will be one of many original ART works to be auctioned at the event! It is exciting and fun. Last year sold out, so get your tix NOW!

Hope to SEE you there!



Us and our Path to an Inspired Life, steel and glass sculpture



Path to an Inspired Life, steel and glass sculpture



Path to an Inspired Life, steel and glass sculpture


Path to an Inspired Life, steel and glass sculpture



Glass Fun with Gabriola Teens!

Gabriola Arts Council has a program that involves artists mentoring local teenagers. I was honoured to be asked if I would be interested in teaching a glass fusing workshop for the local Gabriola Island teens. And I said YES!

I do not choose to teach glass workshops very often.  When I do it is for children or teens. I've taught the Brave Girls Camp kids a few times. They are aged 11 to 13. I also have had a high school art class come to my studio for a workshop.

This time around I taught Gabriola Island teens about glass, and glass fusing. Although, using the word taught is a bit deceiving. It was more like I facilitated and made the ingredients available for them to dive in.

And dive in they did! It was FUN to see how quickly and eagerly everyone picked up glass, glass cutters, running pliers (I only had 1 and started in on their piece.

Each teen had an 8" x 8" clear glass piece to start. There were bowls filled with all colours of glass as options for creating. Immediately they began using the glass cutter and cutting glass! I was impressed with how fearless they were with the tools. It helps, I think, that the tools are manual, so there are no loud motors or sharp blades. There were, however, lots of sharp pieces of glass. No bandaids required.

As you can see by the pix, their creations were colourful,  interesting and highly original! I was truly impressed!

Thank you Gabriola Arts Council and The Gathering Place for making this happen.



Gabriola Arts Council "Chair Affair"

Our transformed glass chair on the front page of the paper.  

Chair Affair, the Gabriola Arts Council fundraiser was a resounding success.

It was a sold out show, with a packed house. There were very talented performers, yummy food & drink.

The chairs were auctioned both silent and live. Our chair was one of the several that was auctioned live. The auctioneer was the witty and entertaining Bill Richardson, formerly of CBC radio fame.

Happily our chair fetched a good price for this very worthy cause.

I love to support the Gabriola Arts Council. This organization has done so much to promote art and create ongoing opportunities for island artists of all stripes.

YOU can join too,  for a very low yearly membership and feel good about helping to promote art and culture on our amazing island.

It's good for everybody!



Gabriola Island Studio Tour 2012 Pix

hey all! i have posted several pix of my studio during the Gabriola Island Thanksgiving Studio Tour 2012.....there are many more pix and images of other studios if you follow the link....i also posted a short video, amateur for sure....of my studio on the Sunday is 2 minutes, it gives you a little peak into how Tammy Hudgeon Studio looked just last weekend.....super big thanks to the staff and many many volunteers that make the Gabriola Arts Council so awesome!!!

let me know what you think? enjoy.........

glass garden stake chicken

glass crow garden stake

glass heron garden stand

Tammy Hudgeon Studio

Glass wavy window ornaments

glass garden stands

Groovy Glass dishes

Glass and mixed media display

inside the door tammy hudgeon studio

glass salmon

on the deck Tammy Hudgeon

glass fish and glass room divider

glass garden stands

glass chicken

glass voodoo head garden stand

groovy glass peace circles

Annabelle the glass chicken

steel and glass bird

reflections of glass buffalo bowl

glass stars and reflections

Tina Jones and her glass groovy circles

painting and wall gems Tammy Hudgeon Studio

by the glass cutting table

glass and paintings Tammy Hudgeon Studio

bees in glass bowl


glass dishes and platters