Gabriola Thanksgiving Studio Tour 2015 Part 1(a pictorial)

Thank you thank you thank you to all of the peeps who choose to visit my studio during the Amazing Thanksgiving Studio Tour!

YOU make it happen! So many lovely happy people in my studio that weekend.  Here are some pix. More to come later, and some stories too.

Thank you to the wonderful, hardworking and generous Gabriola Arts Council for organizing and running this fabulous event. You can support this group yourself if you are a fan of art and culture!


Outside the Studio



Pinwheel and Crows



Pinwheel Grande and Bouquet, both sold.



Crows, steel and glass. SOLD



Wood framed fused glass windows.



Window hangings, spirit houses.



Glass and paintings.



Paintings and glass



Garden Art, steel and fused glass.



Mixed media paintings






Fused Glass



Paintings, glass



Fused glass, all sorts and sizes



Superpower Bird Totem and paintings



GGlass and Starbelly painting



fused glass orca






Glass, and my glass cutting table.


Gabriola Island Studio Tour 2012 Pix

hey all! i have posted several pix of my studio during the Gabriola Island Thanksgiving Studio Tour 2012.....there are many more pix and images of other studios if you follow the link....i also posted a short video, amateur for sure....of my studio on the Sunday is 2 minutes, it gives you a little peak into how Tammy Hudgeon Studio looked just last weekend.....super big thanks to the staff and many many volunteers that make the Gabriola Arts Council so awesome!!!

let me know what you think? enjoy.........

glass garden stake chicken

glass crow garden stake

glass heron garden stand

Tammy Hudgeon Studio

Glass wavy window ornaments

glass garden stands

Groovy Glass dishes

Glass and mixed media display

inside the door tammy hudgeon studio

glass salmon

on the deck Tammy Hudgeon

glass fish and glass room divider

glass garden stands

glass chicken

glass voodoo head garden stand

groovy glass peace circles

Annabelle the glass chicken

steel and glass bird

reflections of glass buffalo bowl

glass stars and reflections

Tina Jones and her glass groovy circles

painting and wall gems Tammy Hudgeon Studio

by the glass cutting table

glass and paintings Tammy Hudgeon Studio

bees in glass bowl


glass dishes and platters