Solstice Spirit Studio (what a finish!)

Yay! I packed and shipped my last art for the year 2015!

I always hold sacred the art that I ship out to new homes.

These pieces feel even more so as the requests for this work only arrived after I sent out my December newsletter.

My newest painting found a home almost instantly. It is named "Seafarers", and they are indeed seafaring as they sail off on a trip that will encompass 3 ferry rides before finally getting hOMe to a remote island.

The Sacred Salmon heads to the tall grass prairies, and the Spirit Totem goes to the even wilder far west coast.

I had some help with packing this time...well, more accurately I would say I "allowed" Ode to help me this time.

2016 will see me bringing in more systems to assist me in my biz! and more opportunities for me to share my art with you.

Think cool graphics of my art on tote bags, pillows and cards. Watch for it!

Thank YOU all so much for supporting my art, my studio.

p.s. you can see under "giving back" in the menu on this site all of the things you help to support when you support my studio. It all makes the world a better place. Thank you. xoxoxo



fused glass Spirit Totem, fused glass fish, mixed media painting, Seafarers.



Fused glass and mixed media paintings all packed and ready for shipping.


Glass Flowers + Glass Trees!

We recently did a quick trip down to Victoria, to the West End Gallery.

For a timely delivery of seasonal spirit and love.


Fused Glass Christmas Trees


As you can see I created some tabletop fused glass trees.

The idea for small trees has been in my mind for awhile...I made one awhile I created 2 more. They look great solo and in a grouping.

By small I mean about 24" tall with a round steel base. Very sturdy and balanced. For a tabletop or windowsill.

I LOVE trees. They are special to me every day of the year.

It is fun to honour them, in the spirit of this season.

Trees are always, in ALL WAYS revered in my world.


Fused glass flowers and christmas trees, Spirit trees


The trees and poinsettias will be showing at the West End Gallery, Victoria and Edmonton.


Delivery day of fused glass poinsettias flowers and fused glass christmas trees


We also snapped a couple of pix of my Totems and other sculptures in the front window!! of the gallery when we were there.


Fused glass Totems and sculptures at the West End Gallery, Victoria B.C.


Thank YOU West End Gallery for creating such beautiful galleries to show (and sell!) my work.


Fused glass totems and sculptural pieces at west end gallery, victoria



Gabriola Thanksgiving Studio Tour 2015 Part 1(a pictorial)

Thank you thank you thank you to all of the peeps who choose to visit my studio during the Amazing Thanksgiving Studio Tour!

YOU make it happen! So many lovely happy people in my studio that weekend.  Here are some pix. More to come later, and some stories too.

Thank you to the wonderful, hardworking and generous Gabriola Arts Council for organizing and running this fabulous event. You can support this group yourself if you are a fan of art and culture!


Outside the Studio



Pinwheel and Crows



Pinwheel Grande and Bouquet, both sold.



Crows, steel and glass. SOLD



Wood framed fused glass windows.



Window hangings, spirit houses.



Glass and paintings.



Paintings and glass



Garden Art, steel and fused glass.



Mixed media paintings






Fused Glass



Paintings, glass



Fused glass, all sorts and sizes



Superpower Bird Totem and paintings



GGlass and Starbelly painting



fused glass orca






Glass, and my glass cutting table.


New Bliss Creations! (Colour rocks my world)

Summer days are slowly winding down....


I've had an unusual summer this year. Partly because of being laid up physically in a way that I am not used to being.

And also because I consciously chose to not do any shows this summer at all, which is rare for me. I LOVE having shows and being part of art shows.

This year though, I needed time to recalibrate and reassess what is really important to me.

I want to really begin to embody that changes that I have been asking for,

To S L O W things down. "Things" meaning my life in general. My mind. My being.


To  S L O W down the pace of my life.


To S L O W my pace.

To enJOY the moments. To celebrate tiny things.


Colourful Fused Glass Fish


It all begins in the mind. This "slowing down" process.


And now is the time to embody my new beliefs. To pull them fully into my being. Yes, slowly for sure.

AND things have changed for me.


Donkey and Cat, fused glass for the garden.


Peeps will likely still think I have been creating prolifically.

I know that it is not nearly so much, and not at all from the same "driven" mindset, approval seeking mindset.

Feels very good. Now the challenge will BEE to keep these new found ways when things do become "busier".


It's happening. And all is well.



Exuberant Bouquets = Bliss. Fused glass sculptures



The Elephant in the Garden (part 2)

I am very excited to finally share these pix with you ALL!

Lord Ganesha project completed and safely ensconced in his new hOMe.



Fused glass and steel Ganesha and us in our home.


It took me a bit of time to go through and gather the images and do the editing. I have had many projects leaving my studio in the last while and taking the time to post about them and share the details takes time!


Lord Ganesha was honoured and welcomed into his new garden home in a beautiful Puja (prayer) ceremony that included the pouring of milk, water, sandalwood paste over the form of the fused glass and steel Ganesha sculpture.


You can see and read more about the ceremony with Pandit Tejomaya at Yoga Sadhana Mandir here.

I am grateful and honoured to have been asked to create this powerful symbol in fused glass and welded steel. Ganesha is known as the remover of obstacles

We have been connected to Ganesha ever since we went to India several years ago, where he is revered as a Lord.

Om Ganapataya Namaha



Steel and fused glass Ganesh with Cricket Cat!


Detail pic of beautiful metal work and face detail.


Lord Ganesha's consort, a mouse.


Just me and Lord Ganesha in our home, before he leaves for his new home at Yoga Sadhana Mandir.



Ganesha in his new garden home at Yoga Sadhana Mandir.


Pandit Tejomaya and my metalworker and partner Ode Howard and me in the temple garden after the puja ceremony.



Sharing Space (with a glass Orca)

What does a commission process look like?


Initial drawing in watercolour  for fused glass commission


As you may know from seeing previous posts here I have been happily and excitedly working on a fused glass commission piece for a sea side home.

The overall panel, divided into 3 segments, is framed in steel, and measures 23" tall by 68" long.


Assembled cut sheet glass with powders and frits ready to fuse in glass kiln.


These pix show some of the process as I play with the orca imagery in paint, felt pen. I also created with orca imagery in a couple of trial size fused glass panels you can see here.


2 Side panels of fused glass commission ready to go in the kiln for fusing.


This process developed over the space of a few months.

Sometimes large commissions can take several months from start to finish, depending on how busy my studio is and what is the timeline for the project.   Sometimes it waits for a renovation to be completed, or a new house to be finished.


Side panel with seaweed and waves in glass ready to fuse in kiln.


I like to have time to mull things over, for the project to have some breathing room in my head before it takes life in glass, wood or steel.  I am fast "muller" at times also. It is variable.


Fully fused main panel in fused glass orca whale commission piece. 24"x18"


“May what I do flow from me like a river, no forcing and no holding back, the way it is with children.” ― Rainer Maria Rilke

I love it when a project FLOWS like this one did. Stay tuned for pix of the finished piece on my next post!


Sun Infused Glass (Colour Energy)

I LOVE to create with colour!


Colour Energy

I've been having  fun creating bright colourful fused glass work in a very abstract way. I love to work with colour in my glass in a very random way.

This is when I am the very happiest in my creating time. When there are no perimeters on what I create. This way I can create whatever comes to mind on that particular day, with what the energy of the day brings to me.

It feels like a more feminine way to create. Without restrictions or expectations. With more F L O W. 

To Flow: "proceed or be produced smoothly, continuously, and effortlessly"

I chose F L O W as my word for this year. I want to continue to learn to inhabit the meaning of the word more fully in all areas of my life.  The description above sounds good to me!  It happens often enough that I am well aware of how good it feels. Now my "work" is to pull it through into more areas of my life.

Stir Stix

As you can see the colours I am liking now are moving and F L O Wing between my fused glass work and my painting and mixed media work. Nice.

Lots of WARM colours...yellow and red in the mix right now. Maybe because it was been such a super SUNNY winter here on the west coast, in the rainforest. Typically we would have much more rain at this time of year. We've been sun infused.

"One Tribe" Mixed Media Art

I often listen to fictional audiobooks, music and spiritual teachings in my studio. Currently I have been listening to "The Desire Map" by Danielle Laporte! It is brilliant.

Hearts, Open and Bright!

Hearts, hearts, hearts! 
The world will do well with more open loving hearts. 
I am continually refining my ability to keep my heart can be challenging, especially when I come up against someone or something that sends me into protective is an ongoing process.
People get into a heavy-duty sin and guilt trip, feeling that if things are going wrong, that means that they did something bad and they are being punished. That's not the idea at all. The idea of karma is that you continually get the teachings that you need to open your heart. To the degree that you didn't understand in the past how to stop protecting your soft spot, how to stop armoring your heart, you're given this gift of teachings in the form of your life, to give you everything you need to open further.
Pema Chodron
Fortunately for me I see so many examples of people living from their heart, people modeling the direction I want to continue to travel toward.
This fall I created a line of tabletop hearts, sculptural pieces of all sizes, from 14" tall to 45" tall. They have almost all gone to new homes already, so I think/feel/believe that hearts are a theme that resonates with many people.
It's all about LOVE.....and love is so much more than romantic heart love for all beings, plants, animals, fish, forest.
Love is infinite, it is where we come from, where we return to, who we are.
i love u.

Creating a Glass Heart (a commission)

I want to share a tiny bit about the process of creating a sculptural piece for a commission. I had a request from a client to create a piece that would honour the site of her loved one's buried ashes.  
My 1st thought as I spoke with the client was to create a large sculptural heart!! I hadn't made a steel/glass heart before and I knew the potential for something awesome was really high!
I am also recently working with a new metalworker, who also happens to be my life partner, the man I love....sooooo.....this was a beautiful 1st co-creation! very symbolic....
I am sharing various pix of the stages, from design, to metal work and then fused glass and adornment....
Enjoy......and feel free to ask any questions you may have!
full steel and glass heart, free standing in studio.

beginning to shape the steel heart
my new metalworker, Ode Howard

my design drawing and the beginnings of glass work

detail of glass work prior to fusing.
detail after fusing
Steel and fused glass heart, Studio shot with white background

Pretty Coloured Glass and Icicles.....

This pretty image was sent to me today from eastern Canada. (thank you Ode xox)
 I love the backdrop for the glass to shine...and the sparkles on the snow!
fused glass fish shaped wind chimes were one of the 1st things I created in glass way back when I started fusing...about 12 years ago now....I still find them very pleasing....this set is hanging in beautiful frosty Quebec!

I, however, am still ensconced in my cozy home on the relatively balmy west coast of the forest by the sea.
Peace and Love
fused glass wind chimes

Gabriola Artworks Show 2013

This has been an amazing and FULL summer ! Wowza!! 

 I am excited to show you a few pix of my last show...this was the show I shared with the amazing artists Grant Leier and Sheila Norgate....
I am thrilled and honoured to be sharing the stage with these two artists as they have both been mentors and inspirations for me from early on in my art journey.
Kathy Ramsey, owner of Gabriola Artworks really outdid herself in setting up this show, the gallery looks splendid! ( show runs until September 5)
I will share pix of Sheila and Grant's work in a later post....this one is mainly showing you some of my very newest art creations! 
I am very grateful for the wonderful art supporters in this world. Thank YOU!

"Cordelia" daughter of the Sea, my fused glass whale!!...with new friends

The amazing band, my friends Tina Jones, Dinah D and Ode Howard, with Sheila Norgate painting behind.

another admirer of "Cordelia"

"Tapestry" the room divider screen

A wonderful supportive friend!

another wonderful supportive friend! she matches my art!

me and my guy....we co-created the glass screen! he did all the beautiful woodwork!

even more supportive friends, in support of Frida K too....we are standing behind the Frida K shrine I created!
Tapestry, fused glass room divider screen

Ancient Wisdom, fused glass Buffalo Skull

various glass pieces and lovely reflections

Frida Kahlo in mixed media, various sizes

Wisdom Bones, and Love Always Wins, mixed media on panel

"Cordelia" fused glass whale

Buffalo and whales, mixed media on panel

"Tapestry" the creation

"Tapestry" fused glass room divider

This room divider screen is the 4th one in this size that I have created over the last 8 years....I love creating in this scale, lots of room to play with colour and took some time, and a few panels had to be is all fused glass with Douglas fir wood frame, a coastal B.C. wood, and hand forged steel hardware......on display at Gabriola Artworks.....I must say I am very pleased with the finished piece!!! very very pleased.....
Tapestry in process

one panel of unfused glass, ready for firing

Putting it all together

Detail shot of fused glass panel

Glass Reflections

looking down from top

more reflections

detail shot with Cricket Cat

another finished panel

the middle

blues and greens, and amber glass

another fused glass panel

"Tapestry" the finished fused glass room divider screen

3rd Annual Spring Show and Sale

 Saturday and Sunday June 15 and 16 from 10-4 both days

Tammy Hudgeon Studio
3rd Annual Spring Show and Sale
1790 Seymour Rd.
Gabriola Island, B.C.

garden art galore, glass windows, fused glass plates and platters, suncatchers and mixed media paintings.......

showing here a few studio shots of various pieces in process....come to the show to see the final results!

after the 1st fuse, in the kiln

before the 1st fuse, designer glass by me

fused glass Mule Deer image

fused glass Garden art, before 1st firing

fused glass garden art birds after firing and finishing

fused glass garden flowers pre fusing

Gabriola Thanksgiving Studio Tour

hi all! this is a quick little blog post to let you know about the 16th Annual Gabriola Island Studio Tour on Oct.6,7 is held every year on the Thanksgiving weekend.....hundreds of art lovers converge on beautiful Gabriola Island and visit up to 60 artist studios....and Tammy Hudgeon Studio is one of those are just a few pix of my studio so far.....there is so much more, and i will post more pix later.....come on over, i'd love to see you!! the weather is predicted to be sunny and warm!! yay!
Fused Glass Peace Hangings

outside of Tammy Hudgeon Studio

more fused glass groovy circles, with polka dots