Spirit Bear travels the Salish Sea

  Honey Bear at home with us still, in the late day light. Her and her shadow.


Our recent epic road trip began on a late night ferry off of our home island of Gabriola.

We traveled up Vancouver Island and camped out on a rocky seashore. Went for a lovely warm swim at 7:30!!! a.m.....a time when I am not even usually awake when I am at home.

Then we headed for the fabulous Filberg Festival in Comox. It is definitely a cool (although it was HOT that day) outdoor, seaside venue filled with amazing ART! And live music. Super sweet and inspiring.

After that we went to the ferry that would take us across the Salish Sea to Powell River and the Sunshine Coast. BEEyoutiful ferry crossing. It was the 2nd of what would be 6 ferry crossings on our epic 3 day road trip.

We arrived further down the Sunshine Coast (sounds like a nice place hey? it is) to Honey Bear's NEW home!


She is now dwelling in a lush, exotic garden setting within a natural forest opening. So perfect for her.

She is in good company, with some familiar friends already there. Several garden fish, Mirabelle Whale glass sculpture (you may remember her from last year) and a Tyee Salmon sculpture all from my studio. Plus the bountiful garden flowers you see in these images.

It was easy to leave her in her new surroundings, with so much love and care.

So long my dear bear friend.



"Honey Bear" with one of her creators, the metal worker, Ode Howard.



Me and my Honey Bear, fused glass and steel sculpture.



Fused glass flowers, already installed from a previous purchase by this collector. Nice home!



School of  my fused glass colourful garden fish, already living in Honey Bear's new home.



Another shot of the fused glass garden fish. Gorgeous garden for them.


With Gratitude. xoxo

Dog in Tree (window commission)

This post shows a series of images of one of my most recent installation commissions. The client is a gallery owner, from White Dog Studio Gallery in beautiful Whistler B.C.

She was a very gracious client, and knows my work well, since she represents me in her gallery. She knows I love blue trees and she likes my style.

Her requests were for a blue tree, to represent the tree that this new coloured window would be removing from view. She wanted privacy on the lower part of her window, since that part of the view was of the neighbours doorway. I totally get that part, since I live in a very private place myself.

 Also requested was an image of her beloved dog Luna in the piece somewhere.


Luna is a fluffy white Samoyed dog. The client didn't ask for the dog to be standing on a tree branch.  That was my idea! Also requested was some hearts, which I put in to represent leaves hanging from the tree.  And a stylized mountain or two, since she lives and loves in the mountains.

It fit into the window opening beautifully, and it even lined up with the real life tree in the view, as you can see in the 3rd image below.

There are infinite opportunities to use custom glass to fit most any shape or size a person could want.


Dream on it.....is there room in your life for a custom glass project?


Fused Glass Window Commission 36"x39"


Looking down!


After the installation


Close-up of Luna Dog detail


Birds and hearts in fused glass.


First glass pieces going into place.

Orca on my Mind

I've been having a strong hit of orca energy in my studio lately. And I like it!

I am working on a couple of commissions at this time that involve sea life. One of the projects is actually on the table, literally on my glass cutting table at this time, the other is in development stage.

The current project will measure about 6ft long x 20" tall, framed in steel, to hang horizontally from a beautiful wood beam.

The clients and I came up with the overall look and feel of the piece. They expressed their desire to have something created as an installation piece.

Orca were on their mind.

They have a seaside home and often see these magnificent whales from their home! AMAZING!

We met with them in their home, and they also came to my studio and we planned and played with ideas.

As you may know, I LOVE all wild creatures! It is a pleasure to be working with this kind of magnificent being in imagery. I have been loving to play and imagine the feel of the immense energy of orca as they surface the waves.

"To be whole. To be complete. Wildness reminds us what it means to be human, what we are connected to rather than what we are separate from." Terry Tempest William

Orca in watercolour on paper

Cutting glass pieces for orca.

Before the Fuse, glass pieces cut and assembled and ready to fuse.

Here is an awesome video made just recently in waters near where I live.

I didn't have the honour of the orca sighting in this video, but I had an incredible time seeing a huge pod or orca from the exact same spot once before. Check it out!

Stay tuned to see the final project.

Maybe you have an idea for a custom piece for your home? Send me a message, let's talk!