Stretched! The ART Show

First Art Show of 2016! ( for me)


S T R E T C H E D!   ahhhhh.....that feels good to stretch doesn't it?

I have 2 pieces in this show. I had a sneak peek last night and there is some really awesome art in this show. Well known artists, and the price is the same for every canvas! $225! That is a steal for some of these paintings!

I've included a few close-up pix of my NEW Animal Totem paintings. These are the beginnings of a new series I think!

I'm going to the opening! hope to SEE you there.

See below for DETAILS.

What stretches us: work, family – “fun” … our passion – really, anything outside our comfort zone  – our normal  – come and see how these brave artists stretched themselves with this fun challenge.

the challenge  – working of a 6×36 inch canvas

46 canvases – 31 adult artists – plus 5 artists under 18 all the canvases will sell for the same price: $225

Stretched – the Art Show

Location: WI Hall – 476 South Road, Gabriola
Dates: January 15th, 16th & 17th 2016
Times: Friday 7:00 to 9:00 (with wine & cheese) Saturday 10- 4:00 & Sunday 10- 4:00


Blue Cougar, mixed media painting


Ghost Deer, mixed media painting


Rising Red Bird + Kitty