Solstice Spirit Studio (what a finish!)

Yay! I packed and shipped my last art for the year 2015!

I always hold sacred the art that I ship out to new homes.

These pieces feel even more so as the requests for this work only arrived after I sent out my December newsletter.

My newest painting found a home almost instantly. It is named "Seafarers", and they are indeed seafaring as they sail off on a trip that will encompass 3 ferry rides before finally getting hOMe to a remote island.

The Sacred Salmon heads to the tall grass prairies, and the Spirit Totem goes to the even wilder far west coast.

I had some help with packing this time...well, more accurately I would say I "allowed" Ode to help me this time.

2016 will see me bringing in more systems to assist me in my biz! and more opportunities for me to share my art with you.

Think cool graphics of my art on tote bags, pillows and cards. Watch for it!

Thank YOU all so much for supporting my art, my studio.

p.s. you can see under "giving back" in the menu on this site all of the things you help to support when you support my studio. It all makes the world a better place. Thank you. xoxoxo



fused glass Spirit Totem, fused glass fish, mixed media painting, Seafarers.



Fused glass and mixed media paintings all packed and ready for shipping.