Sheila Norgate and Me!

ok, you know...i am having a show of my mixed media paintings at Sheila Norgate's new gallery....The Keep Calm and Carry on Gallery

and i am working on creating a few more pieces for this this is a little bit of my can scroll through the images and see the progression of the painting.....i really love this process....minute by minute.....impulse by is a very alive way of creating....!!!
this final piece will be in the show...exactly one week from today...Friday, Sept.21st opening and runs through Saturday Sept.22nd.....that's it....short and sweet....
applying mixed media with old recipe book pages and doilies

add china marker and some paint

add the painted horse

paint the horse a little bluer....make more marks, smudge some areas

outline the horse with black paint

change the horse completely to an image of wild horses, add more paint, more mark making

p.s. this idea of sharing the process is inspired by Sheila as well.....she has been an amazing mentor for me, and many others i am sure....i am super G R A T E F U L.....