Seaside Painting Retreat

I love Summertime, to retreat by the sea....ahhhhh

We have recently spent a few weeks in a wee cabin by the sea. It was a delightful, relaxing time. We are so fortunate here on the coast, when it gets HOT we can escape to the seaside to cool down. Whew....we have been in a heat wave. It has been smoky too, from the forest fires burning all over the province!

Just wading in the water is enough to cool down, but I love to completely immerse.

I find immersion in water, in any way, in a shower, in a river, the ocean, a small stream....any clean water really, to be very healing and energizing. I'm not the first to think so as you can see here with the ancient Greeks .

I also did some painting. With no pressure at all to "do" anything in particular. I use old pieces of plywood, so there is no attachment to the process. I can always repaint over it. This feels very freeing for me to experiment.

Time "away" is always good for the soul.

(with no internet or phone! try it, you'll like it)


Painted plywood, bowls birds by the sea.


Kitty by the seaside


Buffalo skulls and crows painted on plywood.


Mason Jars painted on plywood


Pretty stacked bowls, painted plywood


Oyster catchers on plywood, mixed media


A wall of art, painted canvas and plywood.


Sacred Journey, red boat, painted plywood


Colour wheel by old growth tree, by the sea.


Colour and reflections of the sea.